Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wayne - Redux - Franklin As City Manager

Hopefully we're all getting some things off our chests so we can start dealing in specifics. We need specific information in order to make change. For example. a comment made by Anonymous 9/28/07 8:10pm/Councilmemebers Please Take The Helm, stated

"Hell, most of the time CIMO didn't even bother with a slush fund. They ran thousands and thousands of dollars of catering (including alcohol, witch is strictly forbidden by City Charter) through regular accounts, which were then assigned to city projects. John Franklin signed and approved any bill that came under his nose. John, btw, is trash talking Wayne to anyone who will listen. September 28, 2007 8:10 PM"

Mr. Franklin has aspirations to be City Manager, yet how could that be considered when he has signed off on expenses that are clearly in violation of policy? How often does John look the other way? If he is duplicitous with Emporer Wayne - in breach of ethics, morals and laws - why would he behave otherwise as manager. He would be born again? And if Wayne was holding a gun to John's head, where is John's moral compass to go to the Star? Councilmembers? City Attorney? to report these crimes. Why would John allow Wayne to compromise his ethics? It's less offensive that John is talking trash about Wayne, since so many are, it is offensive that he is playing a major role in abusing the people of Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious??? What makes you think that Wayne has to make John Franklin do anything. Don't you think that in his position he has the authority to make such decisions. Let's get real here. Waynes seeks advisment from people like Franklin, Schulte, Noll, etc. when making key decisions. I bet he's misled on a lot of issues...just like this website..it could be misleading, but it's entertaining. If Franklin approved such actions he should be held accountable regardless of who told him to do it.

Anonymous said...

John's not stupid. He does as he is directed. Franklin, department heads and most staff are scared of Wayne. Do as you are told or get fired or demoted. Exception: the Waynettes, who gather on 29 after 5 p.m. like maggots gather to rotten meat.

Anonymous said...

Cauthen doesn't take advisement from anyone. He is a tyrant, vindinctive and heartless unless you are one of his favored few. He is in Kansas City for one reason only to do what is BEST for CAUTHEN. He doesn't give a damn about the citizens! He wants to line his own pockets and those of his Denver friends. Cauthen doesn't want to do hire the best applicant for the job he wants to hire the favored African-American or ethnic that suits his fancy...damn the qualifications, he'll lower them if his favored La Toadie doesn't meet the requirements.

John Franklin doesn't stand a chance if he puts up a fight against Cauthen. He has aged 20 years since Cauthen came to town. He has seen what Cauthen is capable of, up close. Like when he had 5 directors walked out by security without any warning shortly after coming to KC. Would you like to be under the constant threat of wondering if security is going to come into your office Friday afternoon and escort you out of City Hall? For 7 years?