Monday, October 22, 2007

Wayne Musing

Why has Wayne never bought property in Kansas City? Surely between his salary, bonuses, and 'finders fees" he could afford something in KCMO after all we're 322 square miles. If this is such a great city and he is such a booster - why hasn't he invested his money here?

Haven't had much time lately but LT shows up on Missouri Case. net if anyone is interested.

Does anybody know how much taxpayer dollars the Youth Advocacy Office spent on those glossy magazines? We spotted cartons and cartons of them in a dumpster.


Anonymous said...

LT on Case,net? A ticket and a citation for a faulty horn? to come up with something real.

Anonymous said...

There is something real, but nobody will call her on it. In the meantime, we have to amuse ourselves by looking at the small things on casenet.

Anonymous said...

Look carefully -- it was a plea bargain down to detective equipment. What is the real story?

Anonymous said...

As a city employee that doesn't have contact with WC, can you give me more specifics on his evil ways. I feel like I should hate him in solidarity with you but I don't know anything about his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Still not a big deal, but if a cop wrote her a ticket for faulty horn, you can BET she was using it to tell off somebody off. Cops don't just write people tickets for horns.

Not exactly a scandal, but I think it's pretty funny actually.

Anonymous said...

to 8:17, please read the postings on the rest of this blog under every category and make your own decision about your city manager. The facts presented here are accurate. The VERY few responses to the contrary dissipate into thin air for lack of a second, which tells you there is fire where there's smoke. If you'll spend the time reading the blog, you'll come to your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34 wrote "The facts presented here are accurate. The VERY few responses to the contrary dissipate into thin air for lack of a second, which tells you there is fire where there's smoke."

Bull shit. This blog is a hatchet job by a bunch of city employees who want to go back to the good old days of naps and low productivity. Comments have to be approved by the author. That's why you don't see supportive responses.

Garden Party Skunk said...

To anonymous 5:31am
Au contraire, the reason you don't find more Wayne supportive comments on this blog is because there haven't been that many. We skunks have published every comment sent in to the GPS.

Why is it a hatchet job to tell the truth? Why is it a hatchet job to discuss thievery, incompetence, ineptitude, injustice, bullying and thuggery? Why is it a hatchet job to discuss those who have lowered the job criteria so that someone incompetent gets an unearned promotion and an obscene salary for their inabilities? Please feel to discuss Wayne’s finer points. I’m sure that those at whom he has thrown trash cans, berated and humiliated publicly will feel much better about his stellar management and people skills and that poor Wayne is just misunderstood. Not one person has mentioned going back to the ‘good old days.’ Just don’t assume that Wayne has made City Hall better. And way too many of the people that should have been axed under previous managers are still there, they merely grovel for Wayne.

Anonymous said...

Garden skunk 7:47 - you got it right. At City Hall the only communication is poor communication. The mayor is a joke - a pretty bad joke. They told us they were trash, but people voted for him anyway. They just didnt know they'd get the whole clan of clowns. By the way, Semler isn't the only bad choice MF made for the park board. Stackhouse is pretentious and promotes herself no matter what the subject is; Webster's company screwed up the job they were doing for parks. it seems to me pretty shady that his company has such a big contract for the community center in Swope park, and he sits on the governing board. Ask parks employees how much of a problem THAT is. Fiero uses his position to get free tickets to every possible event he can. The only one who might not be a selfish parasite is Tyron.

The city manager and his entourage, male and female, are self serving bootlickers. The CM is arrogant, and makes nasty comments behind people's backs. He is nearly as unprofessional as the rest of his six-figure elite staff.

Then you've got the Council. omg!!! Russ Johnson grandstands by insulting staff at every (televised) opportunity. But does he or any of them listen when you try to tell them what's wrong? Nooooo. They don't want the public to know how sick the organization is at least until the sales tax passes on Nov. 6. But they are part of the problem too.

There are a lot of good city employees not making six figures but just trying to do their jobs. A lot of them have been pushed to the sides. Look at CIMO. Those people don't have a clue what their supposed to do. The CM spends millions setting it up, now its barely functioning. Mediocre cowards are trying to run the place. WC hasn't even appointed a director to CIMO. CIMO staff have a couple of theories: 1 WC wants CIMO to fail now that his pricey consultants are gone, proving that city employees are not capable of managing capital projects OR 2 WC is not capable of making a competent selection. Based on some of his choices, the latter may be true, although I wouldn't put the first theory past him. he'd willingly waste taxpayer money to prove a point.

WC has been heard to say he won't appoint another white man to an executive position, so maybe he is putting in the worst white men he can find (when he actually does put in a white man) to justify his prejudices. His record on women is even worse!!!

Then you've got Russ Johnson puffing up and asking why there's a MBE and WBE ordinance. God forbid that in the northland contractors might have to abide by city ordinance and use minorities and women. Of all the shit they waste money on, ol' Russ questions the need to make sure minorities and women get a piece of the pie.

Make no mistake - there is devisiveness and prejudice in kansas city and at City Hall. The Semler thing has brought out the worst in a lot of people. She can have her freedom of speech, but the constitution only guarantees that you won't be arrested or have you property taken for exercising that freedom. (Although that can happen, then it takes months to get your "guaranteed freedom"). Nowhere does the constitution say that if you have controversial opinions that you should get to keep a governing position. MF goofed and La Raza goofed. They should have come - in her face. Kansas City is NOT cosmopolitan or open-minded; sadly we're a bunch of exclusive hicks that think we are better than those "others." Letters to the editor prove that. People who never wrote before are giving our hick mayor the "ataboy." Well at least they can write, but I bet the Star edits them so we won't look like such fools. LOL

Careful with your votes for taxes. Ask questions - ask the hard ones. Sad but city employees themselves may defeat it, even though some of their jobs depend on it. They don't trust the ones in charge. The mayor and others have polarized people so much, it's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

8:07 did you ever think that the reason it appears johnson is insulting staff is that staff usually shows up without all the facts, incoherent fact sheets, and based upon past performance has royally screwed up? the tough questions that eddy, fairfield, brooks didn't ask the last 8 years are finally getting asked? you've got him, ford, gottstein (on her good days) and hermann asking the questions that they need to ask to start making staff accountable for their performance. they are responsible for overseeing the tax money becuase the manager spends money worse than an alaskan republican.

would you really give public works/cimo/parks/whoever money to manage anything? it seems like every street or building project needs more money and the cimo office is over 100 people working on really only 30 projects. the percentage of projects that is being spent on cimo fees runs a minimum of 15%. does it really take over a $1million to get a street or tow lot job from design to completion? private developers sure seem to be able to build a road with one guy, a set of plans, a contractor, and a permit for less than $50,000.

87th street and north oak have been under construction for over 2 years and red bridge has totally been mis-managed. the police academy dumps a ton of stuff into shoal creek.

WC needs to go becuase these 2 groups have managers hired by WC and the city needs to get someone who will make a decision and move forward. until the regime is removed and all the inept lackeys are re-assigned to a special projects group nothing will be built anytime soon.

funkhouser sure played us for a bunch of fools. give kay credit, at least she had a vision. too bad she hired someone who has no respect for the rule of law or people to implement it.

those of you northlanders can remember when you go to the polls that sam graves may be bad but kay gave us WC. although maybe she could get him a high-paying DC job. oh wait, WC makes more than the president!!!

Anonymous said...

11:29 Parks and Public Works have been known to charge 20% "overhead" to capital projects: CIMOs 15% is really not so bad. WC did not bring in any of the directors of the departments you mentioned (Public Works, Parks or CIMO). Public projects can't be compared to private business for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that pubic projects require mbe/wbe and other things they don't have to do in private industry. If government operated like private business, there would be a lot more buddy deals.

Anonymous said...

to last comment,

Stan Harris, director of PW was placed by WC after rounds of interviews with others-in public records.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Stan Harris was appointed Director was no one else would accept the position for the amount of money the city was offering after 3 or 4 rounds of head hunting at the cost of $30,000 or MORE per round plus travel expenses for the candidates from out of town! WC tried to bring in a gal from (shock shock) Denver but couldn't get the Charter changed to where the PW Director wasn't required to be an Engineer. You get what you pay for...