Monday, October 22, 2007

Loving & Understanding Your Tyrant

Since it seems up to six councilpersons do not have the guts at this point to end Wayne's contract and since the Mayor seems too to be lacking in leadership and interest in fullfilling his campaign promises. Let's try to understand Wayne
This is what Stuart Wilde has to say in his book Sixth Sense

Tyrants are angry, usually because they're scared. More often than not, they're tyrants because they were abused as kids. Sometimes they're angry because they feel they haven't gotten half the breaks in life they think they should have had. If their image is wrapped up in material things, or if it's trussed in a power trip, they will be threatened by anything that vaguely hints of a "reality check". The tyrant lashes out when cornered by the truth. Inflicting pain on others helps them feel less disempowered, less terrified by their monsters and dark memories.

They desperately need to be loved, yet they live in an emotional desert because no one likes them; most are scared of them. That reinforces the tyrant's warped idea that the world is against them, and that making life hard for others is a way of experiencing power. Sometimes, if the tyrant is really powerful, they pull lesser, would-be tyrants around them, and a gang or a fascist outfit is born.

So we can equate Wayne & Lt et al to a 'fascist outfit"

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