Friday, October 19, 2007

Contract Confusion

Great Question Anonymous 9:01am "Lets Get Sleuthing" ...
Anonymous said: Please put this in the right 'category' but I'm confused. What is the REAL status of Cauthen's contract? "Terminate" "renegotiate" "fire" - "9-3" we have the votes - we don't have the votes - what's the bottom line????
I'm sure you are not alone on this issue and greater minds than ours can answer it for all of us inquiring minds. Do you have any volunteers to tackle this question on Wayne's contract?


Anonymous said...

Fire-4 solid
Don't fire-3 solid
Hope it will go away-6 wavering

Desperately Praying said...

Skunk, I'm worried... I'm worried SICK! It sounded to me as if most of the council was leaning toward retaining Cauthen. The 3 "No's", (of couse!)-- but Sharp, Marcuson and Gottstein all said that they totally "approved" of Wayne and thought his performance was EXCELLENT. Ford is playing games and will do whatever makes him look like he picked the winner and Jolly is an unknown, as well as absent. Wayne has the Mayor (and Mrs M) completely snowed and ready to keep him! Doesn't Funk know that he is being played for a fool and that Wayne has been openly laughing at him?

So what can we do to get through to these people? How can we bring this to a head? Will Helling come through for us? Will it be enough to turn the council against Wayne? It might not be -- they are in a very forgiving mood and scared that they will be called racists if they terminate him. Don't they see that Wayne has cunningly set them up for that?

What about some of the other issues? (Crooked deals, shamelessly biased hiring practices, inequities in pay and promotions, etc.)? Who will speak out? Who has facts that you or Helling can take to the council?

We have less than a month to bring the tyrannt down--possibly only days! I heard that Wayne already has an offer for another 3 year deal-YIKES! He might accept right away to keep a lid on all the garbage coming up.

Anonymous said...

helling and hornsley are lost causes. all the star reporters are lazy. there are people who have the dirt on the Citadel and aren't willing to give it to the right people

Anonymous said...

The city manager & his cronies like the shiny stuff -the new arena, the new front entrance for City Hall. Big on form, weak on substance.

The taxpayers are getting totally ripped off by weak accountability standards, poor attendance, low productivity,and poor performance rewarded by multiple promotions, especially in the mid-management of Public Works. Wayne encourages these power-trippers.

Where are the investigative reporters again? Yael has written some good stuff, seems to have good instincts & randomly hits the nail on the head. If someone were to dig, they would find a lot.