Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Recaping The Waynettes

From my burrow it looks like the cast of Waynettes looks like this:
Thalia Cherry
Deleta Dean
Ava Gardner
Judy Hadley
Deb Hinsvark - now gone
Stacia Johnson - now gone
Cathy Lee
Tracie McClendon
Gayle Roper - now gone
Ling Xiao
LaTrisha Underhill
Dee Williams - now gone

And, we wonder, when it's LT's turn to leave will she go quietly and mysteriously like Gayle Roper or kicking and screaming with lawyers and lawsuits in tow like Stacia Johnson. And how much money will she cost us in hush money/"severance" pay.

There are so many other terms of endearments for this bevy of beauties - Wayne's Harem, La Toadies - send in your favorite


Anonymous said...

It amazes me that this website continues to target minorities, especially women. I find it quite offensive that the list of Waynettes only includes women that are African American or Asian. What about the men or Wayne Jr.'s as we should call them; this list would include:

John Franklin
Greg Baker
Phillip Yelder
Troy Schulte
Rick Usher
Randy Landes, to name a few.

If you want to better City Hall why don't you address the Mayor and how he has made any significant improvements why in office. Instead of bashing Wayne, LT, the Waynettes and the LaToadies, direct that negative energy into something more constructive for our community.

Anonymous said...

Who made the comment regarding Ava Gardner's job classification. It is apparent from the comment that the person questioning her classification does not know how to find this information. It is evident that the classification has to be in the merit system... I recommend doing your homework before commenting.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ!! There is no way that Deb or Dee are Waynettes!! Sure, Deb came from Denver. But that doesn't justify her being included in THAT group. She cared about the budget; didn't over spend it like the Waynettes (some of whom have already spent most of their annual budget and there are 7 months left in the fiscal year). LT is the reason she is gone. No other reason. She deserves to be removed from the list. If I were to give her one negative it would be the decision to hire Hadley, though word has it that LT made that decision, too.

Remember that Dee was the one who blew the whistle on the housing department and the mismanagement of funds by HEDFC that resulted in the dismembership of the housing department. She was called a liar when she first told the council about the problems. An audit proved her right. She retired and then ran for council with the plan to get rid of Cauthen. She deserves to be removed from the list.

Anonymous said...

You missed:
Deb Herman
Sharon Sander Brooks
Melba Curls
Jan Marcason
Beth Gottstein
Cindy Circo

Anonymous said...

Minorities, not necessarily limited to women, are the biggest problem at City Hall!! Just try to "cut the fat" at City Hall and out comes the race card. Every department has a handful of them: black, lazy, incompetent and overpaid. I see them on a daily basis and it makes me want to croak. To the competent minorities, and you know who you are: this doesn't apply to you and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

to 7:07 - "I find it quite offensive that the list of Waynettes only includes women that are African American or Asian." Not completely true, Deb Hinsvark wasn't either of those, she was just a Denverite. But, I'm glad that you pointed out that Wayne only seems to surround himself with mostly African American & Asian women...that is interesting, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how fast some people are to pull the race card!

Anonymous said...

Appearently I don't know Deb Hinsvark you're speaking of, because the one I not a saint. Her tax amnesty program was a total flop. She promised the city three to five million in revenue and only collected one million and that number is still to be determined. Deb was rude to her staff, was known to treat those in the revenue division like they were total idiots, not to mention the scandal with those missing tapes. From my perspective she was incompetent to do the job, so it was in the best interest of the city that she resigned. Deb knew her past was catching up with her, that's why she bailed.

Anonymous said...

7:07 is missing the point. the only people wayne hires are african american (whatever happened to david seamon--cashed 3 months of checks and left town-

the man fired one of those directors and told someone that "that white boy" was foolish to think he was keeping his job.

why hasn't he filled his head of cimo position filled--oh wait, becuase the guys doing the job now are white. on by the way, WAYNE WAS TOO CHEAP TO FLY THE ONLY BLACK GUY THAT MADE THE FINAL CUT TO KANSAS CITY. the director of CIMO would have been a guy who was completly qualified and minority and WOULD HAVE STRAIGTHENED THE FIASCO OUT.

Anonymous said...

Please, Skunk, this is a heartfelt plea to you. There are many of us that are finding hope in Not Ready every day, and knowing that this level of public light WILL have an impact. If the Council doesn't have the courage to do what we elected them to do, at least we know the media is beginning to read this blog and ask questions. At least the public will begin to demand their city be cleaned of corruption at the City Manager level and Mr. Cauthen's contract not be renewed.

We need the caliber of the discourse to stay intelligent, as it has been until now. You have made it safe to speak truth to power. The service you are providing the desperate, disheartened, good people of this city(many of whom have become physically ill from the stress of working under Wayne Cauthen) by giving us a voice at a time of tyrannical city management the likes of which has not strangled Kansas City since the Pendergast era is lifeblood to so many who care. What I have been, until now, also impressed by is the level of discourse. The facts are accurate, and the discussion and analysis intelligent. Please, I beg you, you have the power of the monitor of your blog. Please do not let it degenerate into racial hatred and diatribes and therefore diminish the blog's power when the Council and media DO use this public testimony in their decision making to hold Wayne Cauthen accountable for his actions.

Dear Skunk, use YOUR power to manage your blog. Make no mistake, Wayne Cauthen's hiring and management practices, as well as issues on the Council, including the vote to renew his contract are wrought with racial tone. BUT, PLEASE, DEAR SKUNK, USE THE POWER OF THE MONITOR OF YOUR BLOG TO PREVENT THE BLOG FROM DEVOLVING INTO RACIAL SLURS ABOUT CO-WORKERS AT THE CITY THAT SERVE NO PURPOSE OTHER THAN STIR MORE HURT AND DISCOURAGEMENT AMONG ALREADY DISHEARTENED EMMPLOYEES.

The level of discourse of this blog, as you have put it in "Let's Stay Focused"... 'City Hall cannot be the place it needs to be until Wayne's contract is not renewed.'... 'Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.'...'let's make sure everyone is on Wayne Watch. Just as Wayne has had people followed, someone should follow Wayne.' ...' So, ladies and gentlemen, first we'll focus on Wayne, the Waynettes and LaToadies.'

Please, Skunk, don't let this blog get used for racism inside the veil of focusing on the real issues. It's a slippery slope, but you can split the hairs.

Anonymous said...

9:31 is right.

the city had budget problems and the first words out of council's mouth is that no jobs would be cut. face a huge budget shortfall, who cares, don't work harder becuase no matter what no one has the desire to remove the deadweight. the culture under wayne has only gotten worse becuase any boob in the CM's office is protected and can get the competent people removed.

and 11:31, there are 5 lazy white guys for every minority at city hall. the City is no different than any other large bureaucracy ie Sprint, KCPL, etc, about 20% of the people make the organization work by dragging the others along.

David Park said...

Your burrow provides you with a limited view. On what basis does one get labeled as a "Waynette"? For example, I don't understand why Deletta Dean is on the list. She was interviewed along with others by a panel that included 2 community representatives and a community-oriented deputy police chief. She was the number one choice recommended by the panel. She is not from Denver. She didn't know Wayne and didn't meet him until after she was selected for the position. So, on what basis do you choose who to call names?

Anonymous said...

Apparently we need to add The Star to the list of Waynettes. That's the only reason I can surmise they can't find this story with both hands. Steve Penn is most certainly a Waynette, as is Yael. And with embedded Star reporters inside City Hall, and all they can do is call City Hall employees and ASK them if they KNOW anything about the story??? Come on, what school of journalism did you go to? Pick up the blog...or read the sunshine law...get the stinkin' emails your own reporting for crying out loud. If there is not enough smoke in this blog to warrant some investigative reporting by our ONLY newspaper in town, after this long...WAYNETTE!!!

sick and tired of it all said...

David Park -

In your obvious attempt to kiss up to Wayne Cauthen, you demonstrate how truly clueless you are. FYI - Ms. Dean was guaranteed a job before the job was even created; why else do you think that Wayne is so involved in the hiring processes of lower level staff? It's so he can make sure his flunkies and cronies are well placed to feed him information about departments to counter his paranoia.

Of course because of your own arrogance in dealing with neighborhood leaders, it's easy to understand your tolerance for Ms. Dean's patronizing and dismissive attitude to those same leaders. Heaven forbid she get her manicured hands and designer shoes dirty by working out in the community doing neighborhood clean-ups and dumpster diving like other neighborhood assistance center staff and leadership have done over the years.

Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Bevy of beauties? Cathy Lee and Ling are smokin hot, but the others??