Thursday, October 11, 2007

Return of a Waynette?

Why was Deb Hinsvark in City Hall today?


Anonymous said...

Probably picking up the hush money.

Anonymous said...

Skunk, have you ever officially tagged yourself as a City employee? The date stamps on some recent posts are very interesting. 1:21pm, 2:07pm, 8:31am, 8:40am, 4:33pm, 11:34am, 5:09pm. Either you are one of the lazy Hallians that you drone about, or you're outside the Hall just trying to stir stuff up. Some have theorized that this site is just a cover by the Pitch or some other media institution to try and get some stories. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Probably looking for $$$ from a generous WC. Or telling BF Mary Temple how to move back to Denver with lots of $$$ from City in her pocket!

Garden Party Skunk said...

To Anonymous 10/11/07 8:40am
As we respond on our laptop, on non-taxpayer time (think flex time, think vacation day, think outside of the box) You have way too much time to be tracking this, but each to their own.

We assure you, we skunks are not the Pitch nor the Star- though they are reading this blog with interest. You can circumvent this blog and contact them directly yourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Anonymous said...

8:40 p.m. - sounds like you may be from the 29th floor, getting a little nervous up there are they??? Trust me, it doesn't take a garden skunk to stir things up, they've been stirring for a very long time all on their own!

Anonymous said...

Word is she wants a severance package near $200,000. AND she not only knows a lot of WC's secrets, she has every reason to tell. She was the first victim of Pornogate. She was talking about LT's problems before she left City Hall. That is really why WC got rid of her. Remember the accusation against Hinsvark was that she was "leaking" stuff to the press. The Saturday Night Massacre is just around the corner.

sleepless in city hall said...

That's great that you're focusing on WC, but I've heard virtually nothing about Funk. And other than the party you mentioned month's ago, nothing about Tara. Nothing about Tara trying out the new shower connected to the mayor's office.

(This happened when Tara was interning and wasting every department-head's time at City Hall asking for tours)

The plumbing in the mayor's office gets fixed along with the installation of the new dishwasher, so Tara decides to try it out - in the middle of a work day. She showers, gets out of the shower, and then realizes she forgot something in her purse - at her cubicle desk.

So what does Tara do?

Soaking wet, with only a towel on, she walks through (barefoot like mom, only more naked)the mayoral offices and cubicles to retrieve whatever she needed from her purse.


There are events in every day concerning the Funkhousers that are worthy of focus as well.

These daily events continue to errode the morale within, and the credibility of, our City Government.

Anonymous said...

wayne can't handle strong (and competent) women. he needs his cabal of yes people to surround him. look at all his bobble heads--stan harris, LT, john franklin, tom coyle, gary o'bannon, phil yederer(sp), etc

DH was the only one that took a stand for what's right rather than crawl back in her hole and collect her six figure check like all the other possums.

janus2city said...

10/13 8:49 is only partially right. Competent??? Hinsvark was strong and stood up to people, but NOT because she was necessarily trying to do the "right" thing. DH was power hungry, controlling, and opinionated--thought she was smarter and better than than every one else. She never bothered to check "facts" or think things through. She would butt in and claim expertise on EVERY topic -- when there were better and smarter heads that should have been speaking.

Consider these points and judge for yourself her "competent" performance":

She said the tax amnesty would bring in $9 million in 6 weeks and $60 million more in 5 years. Hmmm... Finance doesn't talk about THAT any more and is avoiding giving out final numbers (which I heard was about $2 to $2.5 million).

She said that a new audit staff would bring in millions in taxes from businesses that were cheating. Audit tax collections are down $2 million from where they were BEFORE she hired a consultant to "train" them in auditing!

She said that her new Commissioner of Revenue would streamline and improve processing -- instead she screwed around and failed to get $10 or $15 million in checks into the bank by year end (which had NEVER happened in previous years). So DH creativley changed the city's cash rules to back date all the money and get it on the books! CYA.

There was some strange stuff going on with the IRS after the missing tape fiasco. The IRS told Finance to correct poor security practices, did a follow up audit and Finance failed. The IRS no longer shares data with the city and took all the IRS tapes away. Finance is pretending like they don't know what the IRS has decided.

Hinsvark's problem was that she thought that she could beat every one at any game -- including politics on the 29th floor. Right 8:49, she wasn't a "yes" toadie to Wayne; but she didn't understand business or politcs!

Let's hope she DOES decide to do the right thing and bury Wayne. But I think she'll take the money (= bribe to keep quiet)from Wayne and laugh at us all the way to her Denver bank. Maybe this exit was the plan from the beginning -- after all, she never bothered to move to the city and she had been playing CFO for 2 years. . .

Anonymous said...

To 8:40 P.M. Did you consider that Skunk could have a family member posting his/her pre-written comments from the home computer? I've not heard anyone theorizing that the Pitch is behind this blog. Hmmmmmmmm, sounds like 29th floor paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Gloria is too stupid to be paranoid