Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wayne Musings

The passenger side of Wayne's car shows some fender damage. What a shame.

Spotting Tyrants

Perhaps our new councilmembers don't know how to identify a tryrant, pick them out of the crowd. Once again, from Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde:

The tyrant, more often than not, is a nobody. Often he's a failure and a coward, and he needs others to march forward for him to fill the gap of his inadequacy. He places unreasonable demands on others, partly to dominate and control them, and partly in the vain attempt to bolster himself up to assist with his fears and insecurities. Meanwhile, he causes trouble, dominating, manipulating, and controlling those around him with negative emotion, violence, and threats. Tyrants are terrified of death.

Tyrants may sometimes be hard to spot, since they often cloud their tyranny by feigning reasonableness. But you can spot them from their expression, as it's hard to hide the anger and violence they project. Usually the tyrant takes his darkness to the grave.

Jan, Beth, Melba, Cindy, Russ, John we hope this helps clear your vision a little. We know Wayne is being nice to you , ingratiating himself to you - all the better to manipulate you, is duping you. Why won't you heed the words of those who have more experience than you? You don't have to make all your own mistakes at our expense.

Power players are rumbling, residents are grumbling - you need to lead, follow or get out of the way by stepping down or Kansas City could be the first city in history to recall an entire City Council and Mayor simultaneously. Now that you know how to identify tyrants please take corrective action. Next we'll begin to educate you on bullies and bullying.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wayne Musing

Why has Wayne never bought property in Kansas City? Surely between his salary, bonuses, and 'finders fees" he could afford something in KCMO after all we're 322 square miles. If this is such a great city and he is such a booster - why hasn't he invested his money here?

Haven't had much time lately but LT shows up on Missouri Case. net if anyone is interested.

Does anybody know how much taxpayer dollars the Youth Advocacy Office spent on those glossy magazines? We spotted cartons and cartons of them in a dumpster.

Update on the Pornography Trail

Apparently Dave Helling has requsted copies of LTs emails. However, the emails have to be screened by the City Attorney's office for confidential correspondance. Unfortunately that can take months. So everyone needs to tell Galen to make this a top priority and speed up the process. Those who were on the receiving end of this pornography could come forward and help speed this up too. Unless of course they too forwarded these materials which then puts them in the same boat as LT.

Loving & Understanding Your Tyrant

Since it seems up to six councilpersons do not have the guts at this point to end Wayne's contract and since the Mayor seems too to be lacking in leadership and interest in fullfilling his campaign promises. Let's try to understand Wayne
This is what Stuart Wilde has to say in his book Sixth Sense

Tyrants are angry, usually because they're scared. More often than not, they're tyrants because they were abused as kids. Sometimes they're angry because they feel they haven't gotten half the breaks in life they think they should have had. If their image is wrapped up in material things, or if it's trussed in a power trip, they will be threatened by anything that vaguely hints of a "reality check". The tyrant lashes out when cornered by the truth. Inflicting pain on others helps them feel less disempowered, less terrified by their monsters and dark memories.

They desperately need to be loved, yet they live in an emotional desert because no one likes them; most are scared of them. That reinforces the tyrant's warped idea that the world is against them, and that making life hard for others is a way of experiencing power. Sometimes, if the tyrant is really powerful, they pull lesser, would-be tyrants around them, and a gang or a fascist outfit is born.

So we can equate Wayne & Lt et al to a 'fascist outfit"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Never Cut A Tyrant Slack

In the event we're stuck with Wayne until a new mayor and city council are elected in a few short years, (yes, Ed, we ALL know you are running for Mayor) it behooves us to understand the Tyrant That Would Be Wayne. The following is taken from Archetype Tyrant, "Sixth Sense" by Stuart Wilde:

If you don't have a Ph.D. in psychology and lots of time to spare, stay away from tyrants. If you have to deal with tyrants, remember this: Even though they're desperately unhappy, they become arrogant and dogmatic through the exercise of their tyranny. You will rarely get a tyrant to see reason. They live in their own rabid empire. Tyrants like and expect abuse. "Plank on head" is the only language they understand. Don't negotiate, don't accommodate, and don't try to please them. The more you try to do for them, the more it affirms their power of manipulation. It's sad to say, but you should never cut the suckers any slack. It's bound to backfire.

Obscenties and Tyranny

In part to respond to Anonymous 4:00 pm “Contract Confusion “ perhaps we can get Garden Partiers to direct the right people to the people who won't give up the contaminated dirt (information) on the Citadel or anything else that's dirty.

Whoever it is that does the investigation - Guy Noir, Horsely, Hellling, The Pitch, The State Auditor's Office, or Inspector Clouseau, they have to have enough specific information to search - so far nobody has handed over that kind of information though I think from the confidential emails we're getting a few of you are closer taking action. If you know of the wrong doing, and you do nothing, then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

If the sitting City Council member won't do anything, and Roy Greenway is impotent and ineffective because of his chain of command then we need to go outside of the City Hall garden gates. An option to think about is to go to the Governor’s office and plea for a State Audit – but we would have to go to the Governor with more than innuendo by anonymous. And who of us will come forward and take that drive to Jefferson City and speak up and hand over the documents?

The pornography is the least of the problems at City Hall. Paying LT over $100,000/year for her to be a prurient voyeur seems more obscene than the visual obscenity. It is obscene that some of the Waynettes & LaToadies make the money they make, have the benefits they have when you look at their credentials, capacity and output/deliverables. It is obscene that so many great people are looking for jobs outside of City Hall. It is obscene that they will be replaced, in all probability, by incompetent or mediocre persons who essentially are glorified welfare recipients. It is obscene that someone like Larry Frevert was ‘released from his job’ because Wayne needed a white guy to get rid of to balance his personnel adjustments. It is obscene when those who can end the thievery, fraud, incompetence etc, choose to do nothing, choose to say nothing. And we can go on and on about the everyday, non-sexual obscenities at City Hall.

We are in the process of setting up a mail forwarding system where the mail will be forwarded multiple times before reaching the Garden Party Skunks. Once that is in place we hope you will have the confidence to make that extra photocopy or provide the specific information needed.

For those who believe Wayne is tyrannical and LT – here are some words to ponder:
Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. Frederick Douglass, civil rights activist, Aug. 4, 1857

As you cower and swallow hard when will you reach your limit and do what it takes to throw off the tyrant?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Contract Confusion

Great Question Anonymous 9:01am "Lets Get Sleuthing" ...
Anonymous said: Please put this in the right 'category' but I'm confused. What is the REAL status of Cauthen's contract? "Terminate" "renegotiate" "fire" - "9-3" we have the votes - we don't have the votes - what's the bottom line????
I'm sure you are not alone on this issue and greater minds than ours can answer it for all of us inquiring minds. Do you have any volunteers to tackle this question on Wayne's contract?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's Get Sleuthing

Enough about us skunks, you're making us blush black and white and pink. Skunks spray when fighting back creating quite a stink however some may not notice because of the stink of the things they're doing. Surveillance works two ways. We've all watched enough Hercule Peroit or read enough Micky Spillane or Stephanie Plum mysteries to detect. Wayne has to go home some time. (where ever that is) Who has friends on the cleaning crew that can check out his office, rattle a few knobs? Does Wayne need any work done in his office - listening devices are cheap and easy and little. Or does Wayne keep the really incriminating stuff at home? (Where ever that is). If we have any retired detectives reading and you're up for adventure and sleuthing, we hope you'll contact gardenpartyskunk@gmail.com When those who know get tired enough and humliated enough of Wayne throwing trash cans across the room, berating them publicly emasculating or defeminizing them - then maybe they will find their moral compass and lead us down the garden path to integrity, honesty and true civil service.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Checking In

Thanks for your concern Anonymous 2:46pm - we've been busier than ants at a picnic, checking out facts, checking it twice, finding out who's naughty or nice. We're glad Dave Helling is on the pornographic trail via the Sunshine Laws. Hopefully, LTs computer hasn't been totally purged and there is proof of the pornography and a trail to those with whom she shared. But you all have been very quiet, we know that you're scared but at some point you need to follow your moral compass. We skunks are dependent upon the party participants in the garden that is City Hall. So keep the information coming. We're really interested in the possible City Hall leak affecting property acquisitions.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Week In Review - Another Encore Comment

This comment was posted 10-12-07 10:04a.m on It's Up To Us. We think it bears an encore for our week in review. Mayor, City Councilmembers,- does this sound like a healthy organization to you? We'd love to hear from you particularly your plans fix it. If you don't have the stomach, then let Wayne move back to Denver where he is most of the time anyway, consulting with his consultants; hire someone with capacity to do the dirty deeds that must be done. You all - have just one decision to make - to maintain the status quo or bring honor, integrity and fiscal prudence back to the civil service corps at City Hall.

We need to recognize that this Council doesn't care about US -- the employees who are being terrorized and tyrannized by Wayne. They don't care about the fact that Queen LaToad picked fights and verbally abused employees all over City Hall, got Hinsvark fired for stupid reasons, and arranged for her La Toady girl friends to get special privileges like free parking in the City Hall basement, specially created jobs just for them, 15% to 30% raises after only a few months in the job( Judy Hadley isn't the only one that was showered with money!), annual promotions, outlandish travel and spending budgets, etc., ad nauseum. Nor do they care that Wayne wrote creative job specs to fit the candidate he pre-selected (African American or ethnic, of course), nor that he had staff "fix" job interview lists so that his pick (read African American again!) was always the best choice (like Hadley and Deletta Dean). Nor that he ignored the council ordinances outlining the merit system for City employees, trod on their rights, gave HIS staff annual increases that exceeded the City's HR policy of 4% max; reclassed HIS staff to higher pay ranges, etc., e3tc. They don't care that he gave Directors huge salary increases and increased their vacation leave and pension benefits to buy their loyalty--and replaced "those white boys" with new directors making 50% more than the previous incumbent or the amount that an internal candidate (read: best qualified!)would get under the merit system. They don't even care that he lowered the standards and re-wrote job specs so his Queen LaToad could be promoted to ACM! Or that he gave her a $15,000 raise when she was just an "Assistant". It doesn't really bother the Council that he is blocking the investigation of Queen LaToad's pornography and that she and only she will be allowed to keep her job despite what has been the norm in the past. But there one thing that would make a difference to this Council: PROOF that he (or the Queen LaToad) is guilty of a criminal malfeasance. Not City policy --I mean a bribe, theft, fixing City contracts, lining his own or the pockets of friends. Some one knows about this! Show us the "no bid" contracts he insisted on, or the inflated contracts he negotiated, or evidence of accepting special favors or money from contract winners! Come forth with how the list of no bid contractors used by PIAC came to include his contractor/political supporter friends from DENVER, forevermore! How about an explanation why when the City identifies land to buy (top secret!) the value of the land always doubles or triples by the time the buy offer is made. Who is tipping the owners off? Did the land change hands between the time the plan was made and the City started negotiating to purchase it?Some one knows! Give us the PROOF we need to end this nighmare!Better yet -- send it anonomously to the PITCH. Don't bother with the STAR -- they are Wayne supporters and will make any dirty stories disappear!

Comments By janus2city

For those of you who don't stay on top of Comments - We think these comments posted on Return of Waynette from janus2city need front page, top of the fold placement

janus2city said...
10/13 8:49 is only partially right. Competent??? Hinsvark was strong and stood up to people, but NOT because she was necessarily trying to do the "right" thing. DH was power hungry, controlling, and opinionated--thought she was smarter and better than than every one else. She never bothered to check "facts" or think things through. She would butt in and claim expertise on EVERY topic -- when there were better and smarter heads that should have been speaking.Consider these points and judge for yourself her "competent" performance":She said the tax amnesty would bring in $9 million in 6 weeks and $60 million more in 5 years. Hmmm... Finance doesn't talk about THAT any more and is avoiding giving out final numbers (which I heard was about $2 to $2.5 million).She said that a new audit staff would bring in millions in taxes from businesses that were cheating. Audit tax collections are down $2 million from where they were BEFORE she hired a consultant to "train" them in auditing!She said that her new Commissioner of Revenue would streamline and improve processing -- instead she screwed around and failed to get $10 or $15 million in checks into the bank by year end (which had NEVER happened in previous years). So DH creativley changed the city's cash rules to back date all the money and get it on the books! CYA.There was some strange stuff going on with the IRS after the missing tape fiasco. The IRS told Finance to correct poor security practices, did a follow up audit and Finance failed. The IRS no longer shares data with the city and took all the IRS tapes away. Finance is pretending like they don't know what the IRS has decided.Hinsvark's problem was that she thought that she could beat every one at any game -- including politics on the 29th floor. Right 8:49, she wasn't a "yes" toadie to Wayne; but she didn't understand business or politcs!Let's hope she DOES decide to do the right thing and bury Wayne. But I think she'll take the money (= bribe to keep quiet)from Wayne and laugh at us all the way to her Denver bank. Maybe this exit was the plan from the beginning -- after all, she never bothered to move to the city and she had been playing CFO for 2 years. . .
October 13, 2007 11:08 AM

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Return of a Waynette?

Why was Deb Hinsvark in City Hall today?

Supporting Terry Riley

Just asking a question here. What does Terry Riley do for a living? Is $50,000.00/year that he earns on City Council really covering his cost-of-living expenses? He must be really good at utilizing coupons.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Earning Trust and Confidentiality

To Anonymous 10-10-07 4:18pm "Courage" and other inquiring minds. Anonymous wrote, "Comments must be approved by the blog author???" We skunks have published every comment that has been submitted to the blog. We have not held back. We do reserve the right to not publish comments, if for example there are lots of swear words or somebody wants to graphically describe the pornography on LT's computer. Although it could be titillating. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Separately, some information has come in directly to the email site - gardenpartyskunk@gmail.com where we have edited at the person's request or they have asked us not to put the information on the blog at this particular time and we are honoring their request. Many of you are being managed by tyranny, we know. Clearly the onus is on us to earn your trust as so much is at stake. We are exploring alternative communication options as many are fearful of computer tracing, and when we come up with something we'll let you know. We just don't want Waynettes hanging out at the post office on the public dime waiting for one of the skunks to show up to pick up the mail. We must be good stewards of the public dollar.

It's Up To Us

In looking over the newly amended Charter it looks to us like the only way City Council can investigate Wayne is if they have the support of the full council. We're not lawyers so we could be wrong. With so many spineless and/or self-serving councilmembers this is probably not going to happen, so it's up to us.

There are many wounded former City Hallians who know where the bodies are buried. We hope you too find the courage to exhume those bodies. They can't get you now! (unless of course, you have pending lawsuit) To current City Hallians - you know what you need to do..it's up to us.

Edward R. Murrow:
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves

Wayne Watch - More #1

In England the bathroom is referred to as a WC - water closet - in our case WC stands for the Wayne Cauthen - Chief Flusher of tax payer dollars down the toilette. We hear that Wayne’s travel expenses are over the top, maybe the Star could check into this.

Rumor swirling around says that Wayne doesn't really live at the library lofts. He has left that 'crib' to his son. So, if indeed Wayne is not at the Library Lofts where does Wayne live? Johnson County?

Monday, October 8, 2007

KC After Dark -

No, not the new power and light district but a summer youth program from Youth Czarina Thalia Cherry. 'Columbo' emailed the GPS with these questions:
Why was this event only advertised for one week before the program started?
What made you think that urban kids had the money to pay for this, $50.00?
What was the budget for this program?
Is there a post analysis? How many participants? From what zip codes? What genders? What ages? What was the actual cost per kid?
As budgets are being put together now, how can decisionmakers make a good decision with regard to funding this program. Office of Management & Budget - watch this when it comes through your office.

Let's Take A Poll

When you get home or go to the library - take the time to complete the poll at the end. Email me your ideas for future polls.

Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage

You're right, I am a coward! I haven't any courage at all. I even scare myself.
Courage! What makes a king out of a slave? Courage - Quotes from the Lion in The Wizard of Oz

The one thing that is coming through loud and clear from City Hallians is that few of our City Council members are instilling support among the proletariat. They are not considered leaders. They have failed to garner the confidence and trust of the people who are the foundation of City Hall, particularly those that are worth keeping. Rumors are circulating already about recalling Beth Gottstein; concerns are voiced about Jan's need to be liked by absolutely everyone versus having the courage to make hard decisions. A boss once told this skunk that if everyone likes you, you can't possibly be doing the job I'm paying you to do. Melba seems disoriented which could be due to the loss of her helpmate/husband, Sharon Saunders Brooks - well what can we say here, Plus the two ladies from Jefferson City seem to think they should have the same sort of set up they had in Jefferson City - sorry ladies this is municipal politics there are no research assistants etc. no posse of aides Did you really need your own personal stationery at this time? It's less about appearances, than it is performance, delivery and accomplishments. Councilmembers, the comments you are reading are pleas for you to find your courage, make it less about politics and more about leading in the here and now. We can't do the job that needs to be done for Kansas City with Wayne Cauthen as the City Manager or LT Underhill as his faithful minion.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mayor - Council - Order That Man

Mayor, Councilmembers - it is your responsibility to a order Mr. Cauthen to turn over computers or other materials necessary for the internal auditor to do his job in investigating the allegation of pornorgrahy on LTs computer. Just as the members of a board are responsible for the actions of an agency and its staff - you too could be held liable. Give Wayne a direct order and if he is insubordinate and he refuses - fire him.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Follow The Pornography Trail

One of the things we skunks want to stay focused on is this pornography thing with LT (and whoever else). Who did she send these pictures to and did those folks in turn forward them to others? As I understand it, the offense is in the forwarding pornorgraphic material. And, if WC was among those to whom she forwarded pornographic materials, did he in turn forward them and to whom? This mystery could be very exciting, if the auditor is allowed to do the job he was hired to do, the job that he is expected to do, the job that we pay him to do. And, if he is being thwarted by the City Manager's office then we hope he will take the necessary steps.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Recaping The Waynettes

From my burrow it looks like the cast of Waynettes looks like this:
Thalia Cherry
Deleta Dean
Ava Gardner
Judy Hadley
Deb Hinsvark - now gone
Stacia Johnson - now gone
Cathy Lee
Tracie McClendon
Gayle Roper - now gone
Ling Xiao
LaTrisha Underhill
Dee Williams - now gone

And, we wonder, when it's LT's turn to leave will she go quietly and mysteriously like Gayle Roper or kicking and screaming with lawyers and lawsuits in tow like Stacia Johnson. And how much money will she cost us in hush money/"severance" pay.

There are so many other terms of endearments for this bevy of beauties - Wayne's Harem, La Toadies - send in your favorite

More Wayne Things That Make You Go Hummmmm

Wayne, how did Carol Coe's son get the minority bond counseling contract for the airport having absolutely no experience? This contract is worth a pot load of money and it's on-the-job training?

Wayne, when you came up with the tag line "We're on it" what exactly are we on? The take? the lam?

Wayne, exactly what does Ava Gardner do? We can't find a job description. And, she does it for how much money?

New Denver IT Person On Board - Mum's The Word

Just a reminder that Wayne's new Denver IT person is on board; do not expect privacy your computer usage and your phone calls can be monitored. These words of caution apply to you too Councilmembers. Wayne watches you too.

Don't Let City Business Interfere With Your Book-Self-Promotion, Mr. Mayor

This Post is submitted to the Skunk by Sir Humphrey Appleby

It would appear Mr. Mayor, that since you and the Mrs. have decided to limit comments on your official blog, the only ones that get published are the ones that either directly support your point of view/opinions, etc., or are designed to argue to broad based positions much to the effect of "can't we all just get along." In which case, this ceases to be an instrument of discourse where citizens can vent their feelings and opinions freely - yes, even dissenting points of view. As such, it is now just an instrument of propaganda that only puts forth views that don't question the authority or autonomy of the powers that be, The Big Lug and Mrs. Lug.

I really find it hard to believe that the Mark Funkhouser that I thought I understood based on his campaigning and therefore voted for, would position himself in this manner. I think it is just further reflection of the inappropriateness and inexperience of those with whom he chooses to associate. Adding to that, we must deal with an ego and/or a wife that does not allow for conceding that he may have made a mistake. Oh yes, he has shown that he can bow to public pressure (the use of the 'free' car), but even then he could not bring himself to admit that perhaps he and Gloria had made a colossal error in judgment. He still acknowledges that he couldn't believe all the fuss. I, for one, feel very strongly that he should understand all the fuss. Just like he should understand the fuss regarding the Semler appointment to the Parks Board.

First off, it's my understanding from talking to City Hall insiders that he didn't miss the information about her association with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps because he never actually googled her. He completely circumvented the process that all other interested citizens had to go through to seek appointments to various boards and committees. All of this because Gloria promised Mrs. Semler a place on the Parks Board even though she apparently wasn't particularly interested enough to seek it out on her own. I don't recall seeing anything in the City Charter that authorizes the Mayor's wife to make appointments to boards and commissions; However, I'm not so naive as to think that spouses can't have political influence. It would just be nice if Gloria could develop some political awareness and discretion so as to at least pretend to be serving as a trusted advisor rather than just leading 'hubby' around by the ring in his nose.But I digress.

I bring up the Semler appointment not to discuss the pros and cons of it yet again, but to discuss the very serious backlash that this one episode has created for the City. As someone who has been reading a variety of blogs, articles, and public opinion sources regarding this appointment, I have to say that I am shocked by the overt racism that I see expressed. It's no secret that Kansas City has always been a racist city, but it somehow seemed to be that 'dirty little secret' that we kept hidden from outsiders and those that visited our city. But now, because of Mayor Funkhouser's stubbornness and political naiveté or unwillingness to cross the Mrs., our secret has been exposed to all and sundry. I know that the City wants national attention, but surely not this kind of attention.I have seen many comments regarding the purported racism being espoused by La Raza and the NAACP because they are threatening to boycott the City in terms of hosting their national conventions.

I personally would not want to go to a city where the people are so overtly racist that I would fear for my safety. I don't see how they can take any other position given the public response that has been presented to this situation. Boycotting is a legitimate response to public and private decision-making and luckily we live in a country where we can still demonstrate this stance. It's about more than just two conventions not coming to town; it's about the image of the City.

The Mayor is intended to be the leader and figurehead for this City. I would ask, Mr. Mayor, how does it feel to be single-handedly responsible for costing this City millions of dollars at a time when we have risked so much to position ourselves in the American market? Are your principles really worth so much?

You talk about dealing with problems of education. Surely you know that the TIF issue has a huge impact on the funding of the educational systems within this City. The entire downtown area stands to eventually generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Kansas City School District, but how can that happen if nobody is coming to the City? As far as I can tell, from the funding mechanisms through the marketing, the entire Sprint Center/Entertainment District project has been predicated upon bringing large amounts of visitors into the City. Who is going to want to come to an environment such as the one that currently exists?

I saw in your blog a statement that you've been flying all over the country to meet with people to try to resolve the 'Semler issue.' What a waste of time and money. Not a particularly bright approach given the fact that apparently we are facing large budget deficits yet again, if the Star is to be believed. Especially when all it would take is a strong stance that indicates that you're going to do the right thing by this City. It will never undo the damage that has been done, and there will be no winners. This situation has created a losing situation for all citizens because now when we say that we're from Kansas City, they'll look at us with 'that look' because they know our "dirty little secret." Thanks Mr. Mayor or more appropriately, perhaps the thanks belong to Gloria. I can't wait to see what new debacle awaits us.

And hey, Mr. Skunk, thank you for creating this outlet for us to express our views. At least you have the guts to allow all points of view to be represented unlike others...........Way to go, man.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Definition: La Toadies

In response to the person who asked what La Toady/ La Toadies meant
Accoring to Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Toady - one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors -
this led to
Sycophant - servile self-seeking flatterer
this led to
Parasite - something (someone) dependent on something (someone) else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return

We assumed the original author added the French "La" to feminize the word and make it more elegant. If you prefer we suppose you could shorten La Toady/La Toadies to "l. t. " We hope this helps you.

Wayne - Redux - Franklin As City Manager

Hopefully we're all getting some things off our chests so we can start dealing in specifics. We need specific information in order to make change. For example. a comment made by Anonymous 9/28/07 8:10pm/Councilmemebers Please Take The Helm, stated

"Hell, most of the time CIMO didn't even bother with a slush fund. They ran thousands and thousands of dollars of catering (including alcohol, witch is strictly forbidden by City Charter) through regular accounts, which were then assigned to city projects. John Franklin signed and approved any bill that came under his nose. John, btw, is trash talking Wayne to anyone who will listen. September 28, 2007 8:10 PM"

Mr. Franklin has aspirations to be City Manager, yet how could that be considered when he has signed off on expenses that are clearly in violation of policy? How often does John look the other way? If he is duplicitous with Emporer Wayne - in breach of ethics, morals and laws - why would he behave otherwise as manager. He would be born again? And if Wayne was holding a gun to John's head, where is John's moral compass to go to the Star? Councilmembers? City Attorney? to report these crimes. Why would John allow Wayne to compromise his ethics? It's less offensive that John is talking trash about Wayne, since so many are, it is offensive that he is playing a major role in abusing the people of Kansas City.