Friday, October 5, 2007

Follow The Pornography Trail

One of the things we skunks want to stay focused on is this pornography thing with LT (and whoever else). Who did she send these pictures to and did those folks in turn forward them to others? As I understand it, the offense is in the forwarding pornorgraphic material. And, if WC was among those to whom she forwarded pornographic materials, did he in turn forward them and to whom? This mystery could be very exciting, if the auditor is allowed to do the job he was hired to do, the job that he is expected to do, the job that we pay him to do. And, if he is being thwarted by the City Manager's office then we hope he will take the necessary steps.


Anonymous said...

IF he's allowed to do his job???? what interesting choice of words. Right now the Council is deciding whether or not to give the auditor's boss, the City Manager, a second contract. It's a fact that he has obstructed the internal auditor's ability to investigate this terminable offense of the ACM Cauthen lowered the HR standards to put LT in the position. The media can access the emails in question through the sunshine law. If perception is reality, and this is only one of the ways he has cast a humiliating light on Kansas City's highest office, not to mention bellowing out of his office and throwing glass vases off of people's desks, threatening staff, and everything else on this blog, which is quite literally the tip of the iceberg, what possible reason could his supporters on the Council have for WANTING to commit another $300,000 per year to another nationally uncompetitive contract to Mr. Cauthen?

If the Waynettes are protected from city policies for travel and expenses, stay at whatever hotels they want, run up $100,000 in expenses on their 'travel', 'socialize' in his office after hours, is it far fetched to think he was unaware of LT's pornography escapades? However, he NEVER sends an email to anyone personally. Why do you think he has Waynettes? They get the perks for something. It would be worth knowing what is on his computer, however, since I.T. patently refused to touch LT's computer (breaking precedent from how previous employee pornography cases were handled), I strongly dis believe they would agree to search the Man's himself.

Garden Party Skunk said...

Attn: Finance Committee - Something for your To Do List - Consider requesting an audit of travel expenses.
We don't want Gary or his staff to lose focus on some critical audits that they're working on currently.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could do an email search for messages between:
LT & Ava Gardner
LT & Thalia Cherry
LT & Judy Hadley
LT & Deb Hinsvark
Any other ideas?

Garden Party Skunk said...

Well, if I were a former employee terminated for perusing pornography then I think I would be talking to a lawyer and dreaming about a City lawsuit financed retirement in the Cayman Islands - hey maybe Wayne keeps his kickback money there.
And as you say, that "it's a fact that he as obstructed the internal auditor's ability to investigate this terminal/terminable offense of LTs, what is the Internal Auditor doing? Has the Internal Auditor gone to the City Attorney or has he gone to the Acting Mayor (since our Mayor has bailed for his book deal) or has he called to meet with Council members? What is the policy for an insubordination by a City Manager? Why is the Mayor not demanding transparency in government here – transparency was key to his campaign; it is transparent that Emperor Wayne has no clothes to everyone except those on City Council who have the wherewithal to fire him or at least terminate his current contract and chickened out

Anonymous said...

Just when you think it can't get any worse.

LT is acting City Manager this weekend! Guess that tells you how serious Cauthen is about all of this.

Don't be surprised if all of the incriminating evidence mysteriously disappears.

The Internal Auditor is in BIG trouble now.

Anonymous said...

That is just how dangerous Cauthen is. He is purposely leaving her in charge because he knows the information about her is out here. He rubs his arrogance in everyone's face and the council lets him. It is disgusting. Just proving to his staff that he is all-powerful and should be feared. I wouldn't be surprised to see the auditor in trouble, doesn't everyone who touches LT suffer the consequences?

Anonymous said...

it's put up or shut up time. Council or the Star or the Pitch need to request all emails from LT to WC and all emails and memos from DH to the both of them.

if any of this is true, get it out in the light and watch these roaches run for cover.

otherwise, this blog is just john franklin's attempt to stab whoever is left in the back for his ascent to the title of city manager.

Anonymous said...

Cauthen will get rid of the Internal Auditor. Look at history! Anyone who gets in his way is out the door and banned from the Hall. He and LT will live on to complete the absolute destruction of City Hall. The City Council will stand by and wring their hands.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that the Internal Auditor would show some courage. If the City Manager is truly interfering or restricting him in his job, then he should speak with the Mayor, the City Council, anyone who will listen to him until the situation changes. Bosses come and go, but your core values will be with you forever. Come on, sir, step up for the citizens of Kansas City - your real bosses.

rexruther said...

You know, it is interesting this almost, well let's just say it, "all consuming" fascination with L.T. and Wayne. For the first time, in a long time, we actually have a City Manager with a "get it done" attitude and it seems to be rubbing the City Hall bureaucrats and a few dimwitted council members the wrong way...pathetic.