Monday, October 8, 2007

KC After Dark -

No, not the new power and light district but a summer youth program from Youth Czarina Thalia Cherry. 'Columbo' emailed the GPS with these questions:
Why was this event only advertised for one week before the program started?
What made you think that urban kids had the money to pay for this, $50.00?
What was the budget for this program?
Is there a post analysis? How many participants? From what zip codes? What genders? What ages? What was the actual cost per kid?
As budgets are being put together now, how can decisionmakers make a good decision with regard to funding this program. Office of Management & Budget - watch this when it comes through your office.


Good Grief said...

Since when are any of the programs managed by the Waynettes held to the same scrutiny as others. All they seem to excel in is spend....Spend.....SPEND. Gee, I wonder if Thalia has a place for Daughter Tara on her programming staff. Based on an earlier blog, Tara seems to have the "spend excessive tax dollars for no appreciable benefit particularly when it comes to youth" skills down pat. What an example they're setting.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star should Sunshine all invoices and expenses paid by the Youth Program for the past year.

Anonymous said...

Does Thalia get free parking in the basement like most administrative officers working in CH? LOL

so sick and tired of it all said...

October 9, 6:12 p.m. -

She absolutely does. Of course, she only uses it when she's not using her other parking spaces at Crown Center or all the other places she goes shopping during the week.