Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Earning Trust and Confidentiality

To Anonymous 10-10-07 4:18pm "Courage" and other inquiring minds. Anonymous wrote, "Comments must be approved by the blog author???" We skunks have published every comment that has been submitted to the blog. We have not held back. We do reserve the right to not publish comments, if for example there are lots of swear words or somebody wants to graphically describe the pornography on LT's computer. Although it could be titillating. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) Separately, some information has come in directly to the email site - where we have edited at the person's request or they have asked us not to put the information on the blog at this particular time and we are honoring their request. Many of you are being managed by tyranny, we know. Clearly the onus is on us to earn your trust as so much is at stake. We are exploring alternative communication options as many are fearful of computer tracing, and when we come up with something we'll let you know. We just don't want Waynettes hanging out at the post office on the public dime waiting for one of the skunks to show up to pick up the mail. We must be good stewards of the public dollar.

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