Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Tale of Two Policies

A month or so ago a City employee was discovered to have inappropriate materials on his/her computer. After appropriate investigation of the computer history, the employee was quickly dismissed. Now it seems that someone in the City Manager's office has inappropriate materials on his/her computer and the City Manager seems to be obstructing the investigation. Could it be Tony's KC? On-line gambling? The Big "P"? What could it be? Why are there two sets of policies/rules - one for non-Wayne staff members and another set of policies/rules for those under the protection of Godfather Wayne? Are these separate policies published someplace so everyone knows what the rules are for the Waynettes & LaToadies?

Let's Stay Focused

Ladies & Gentlemen, let's stay focused on the job at hand. We do have an incredibly naive and gullible City Council. Hopefully, via this blog we can help educate them so they can make good decisions. Unfortunately, not many of them were neighborhood leaders that had the experience of working with many City staff members to get to know them and develop trust and a working relationship. They barely got their seats warmed up and the City has been embroiled in controversy on so many fronts. They need to know you and mutually earn trust. The job at hand is to have honesty, integrity, transparency and good government. Which as far as we're concerned means Wayne, the Waynettes and according to the comments LaToadies need to go before the City is sucked dry - of money, good employees, good government etc. City Hall cannot be the place it needs to be until Wayne's contract is not renewed. We know there were problems BW (Before Wayne) but for the sake of change, for the sake of good honest government, let's stay focused. Find your courage, find your voice, name names, and tell us where to look and what rocks to look under. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We do have a responsibility in our own reality. Just as Wayne and his Watchers are watching and sneaking around watching you, let's make sure everyone is on Wayne Watch. Just as Wayne has had people followed, someone should follow Wayne. So, ladies and gentlemen, first we'll focus on Wayne, the Waynettes and LaToadies.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Councilmembers - Take The Helm Please

As you assess Wayne Cauthen’s contract – you must do your due diligence. A good source is the David Martin’s piece “The Mile High Club” in the April 26, 2007 PITCH (and we're sure this is nothing compared to rumors we're hearing now.) And, now, we’re hearing rumors of a CIMO slush fund. Wherever there is something stinky in and around City Hall– there’s Wayne in the background, the puppet-master manipulating the strings, benefiting in some way. He covers his tracks well, he never does the dirty work himself.

Council-members, find the courage to lead, find the courage to not re-contract with Wayne. Wayne was a chief of staff for a questionable mayor (think Denver Airport); for god knows what reasons, Kansas City ignored his lack of qualifications and hired him and this on the job training is to the detriment of the well being of the City. We have spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on his Denver collaborators Denver consultants, Denver companies. He has imported way too many staff people from Denver, who have come on board at outrageous salaries, received outlandish raises and we have to keep lowering the bar in order for them to be put in these positions. It’s simply “extreme” welfare. And is Wayne getting a finder's fee or commission?

As the mayor’s office fumbles about, somebody needs to grab a hold of the helm of this ship – we’re running aground. so it needs to be the City Council. Take a deep breath, pull up your socks, get a grip, find your courage, thank Wayne for his time (be courteous which is more than he would do for you) and bid him adieu, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, so long, adios, arrivederci. With our help, he has priced himself out of the market. However, we don’t have time to wait for him to find another job, he’s been looking for 2 years. If other cities thought he was a prize - don't you think he'd be gone by now?

Glitch on the Blog

Sorry folks, for some reason, where it says 0 comments, there actually are comments but the counter is not functioning on blogspot. There are some emotional and interesting comments - so please check them out. Blogs are not my area of expertise so bear with me until I can figure this out.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ethics Hotline - Working or Non-Working Number

Blog friends. I know that many of you want to do the right thing and I can't believe that you haven't tried to do the right thing. Who has tried to report questionable practices, behavior etc to the Ethics Hotline? Did anything happen as a result of your call? Or, did it get buried?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Severence or Pay Off?

Wayne said that he didn't know whether or not Debra Hinsvark resigned or not; he was just taking it from Dave Helling's piece in the Star. (Dave Helling/Lynn Horsely are running personnel now?) According to sources, Ms. Hinsvark been calling in sick. If she has indeed resigned in writing to City staff then why do we want to give a 'severence package" (which could total up to $50,000.00) to someone who has resigned? (Remember, we're looking at a $15,000,000.00 budget shortfall.) Why isn't someone from the City speaking directly to Ms. Hinsvark? Why is the Star in the middle of this personnel issue?

Cyber Caution

Just a word of caution; we would like to suggest to those responding with information or general comments that you do so from home or the library other than a computer at City Hall. We're not saying that the IT people will start tracing web usage etc but you know how controlling and paranoid Wayne C. is. People fight dirty when power is at stake. The only casualties we want are those who's continued employment with the City is a casualty to the residents of KCMO.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Speaking of Architectural Integrity

What is with the 11th Street exit to City Hall? Whose idea was this ugly, ugly additon to City Hall? Who approved this design? How much did we pay for it? Did the job come in on time and on budget?

Hurrah! To The True Civil Servants

One of the reasons we created this post is to have a vehicle for the honest, well meaning, and true civil servants in KCMO City Hall to have a voice. We want to bring pride, honor and integrity back to the position/title of civil servant in Kansas City. We don’t need assistant city managers who are a well-paid joke with authority. Kansas City municipal government has lost many wonderful civil servants because of the assault on their integrity, their intelligence, their morals and their ethics. They have been devalued, undervalued, scorned and sometimes bullied – physically and verbally. Some were fired; some quit or were made to quit and others shuffled off to made-up jobs or jobs that insult. The real loss is to us the taxpayers. A civil servant job should not be political payoff or payback; it is not a form of glorified welfare - a check and benefits with no expectation of providing labor or producing. Unfortunately there are many City Hall employees who are just that. They need to go. We need to expose them; we need to hold them accountable and responsible. And we need to start with Wayne Cauthen; we need to start with the Waynettes moving them on to jobs more suited to their capacity. Putting people in positions where they fail or cause the failure of others or they jam up productivity - is a theft - it is a theft to the taxpayers as they are cheated out of their expectations of performance and achievement on their behalf. And it's a theft to those who are the true civil servants. So those of you who have chosen to serve the community through service to the City - those of you who have watched idiots be hired, promoted and given outlandish raises at the expense of good business and at the expense of the citizenry, I hope you will find the courage, and your voice to help us root out the incompetent, the torpid, the lazy, the crooks, the thieves, the self-serving, and the slimy parasitic bureaucrats. We hope to not only engage but incite the residents of Kansas City MO to demand more bang for the bucks we are paying out. To those employees who are disheartened, frustrated, snap out of it! Let’s work to change the environment. If you are one of those employees – sliding – to maximize your retirement benefits – get your second wind, roll up your sleeves, get to work, or get out of the way – take your retirement – otherwise you’re a thief. If you’re bored and not giving it your all – find your passion someplace else – just get out of the way, we deserve better than you.
So, let’s name names on the “smelly” Citadel deal. Let’s make the Waynettes earn their money or move on. Let’s air the skeletons in Wayne’s closets. This will be the start of having the municipal government that we not only want but that we deserve. This is a great city and we deserve great people who want to serve her and well. So let the house cleaning begin, shine the light on the dirt and have a clean sweep (pun intended).
To all those civil servants who have integrity and caring, ethics and morals and are a tue servant to the community - thank you, you have our sincerest appreciation and regard. This blog's for you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dueling Waynette Divas Tiff over TIFF

KCMO's Chief Financial Officer & Director of Finance, Deborah Hinsvark, (a former Denverite and a Waynette) seems to have disappeared from City Hall - her email has been disconnected. Apparently Despot Wayne, Hinsvark and Waynette, LT (LaTrisha Underhill) an Assistant City Manager, the one that Human Resources lowered the criteria for the position in order to have her qualify were in a meeting. Rumor has it that the two Waynettes, or dueling Divas got into a very loud discussion over the 63rd/Prospect/ Citadel TIFF Project, the project that Councilman Terry Riley is trying to shove through. LT is in favor, Hinvark opposed. (the word is that LT is also real tight with Riley- we may need to watch those two) If this weren't such a serious issue with our taxpayer money it would be comical. So, Councilman Riley, what is so important about the Citadel Project that one of the Waynettes had to be sacrificed. We don't mind the thinning of the Wayne's herd/harem but this is smelling fishy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

KC Please Welcome Another Out-Sourced Denverite

Wayne guy pal Ivan Dinks Sr. is relocating to KCMO as part of Wayne's out-sourcing project/business for Denverites. Mr. Dinks will be the new chief informationi officer for the Information Technology Dept. - he starts October 1st - will he be a treat - and actually a competent person or another one of Wayne's tricks - another incompetent, overpaid import from Denver? (Note to Wayne - enough already with the Denver people - haven't you imported enough friends yet?)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hurry Up Gary - We Want To See The Audits

When Gloria's "Hubby" took office as Mayor he also took four very good people out of the audit department. This in and of itself may not have been a bad idea, in fact it is one of da Funk's better moves. However, when Gary White got the job as City Auditor, and deservedly so, he had to staff up at the same time he was in the middle of crucial audits. Of the many interesting audits we are awaiting with bated breath is the CIMO audit. Gary, just so you know, your fans are eager. I'm persoanlly anxious to see how much was spent on Denver outsourcing.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wayne's Fiefdom - Another thing that makes you go hummmmmmm

During Wayne's reign, the budget of the City Manager's Office has gone from $4.something million per year to in and around $15,000.,000.00 (million) a year. This from the guy that was supposed to thin out the over-inflated ranks of management - well nature hates a void I guess, and Nature in Wayne World has re-filled the voids with 'his people" or as some of like to call it - Denver's outsourcing of displaced bureaucratic parasites, oh, I think they call them consultants. Let's demand a moratorium on hiring any person, any company from Denver.

Gloria - Please No More Public Meltdowns

A Message To G-L-O-R-I-A
It was told to me that you were seen sobbing in a lobby area full of people waiting to do business at City Hall, You were overheard telling someone that you were distraught over your daughter going away o school. Gloria, get a grip. Gloria, you do a disservice to your husband and your children with these dramatic public meltdowns. And more importantly – you do a disservice to the residents and businesses of Kansas City. If you need therapy; there are lots of great therapists in Kansas City. Thousands of mothers sent their children off to school yet they did not feel a need to turn it into a soap opera. You make it difficult to respect you and even worse, you make it difficult to respect the man that a small majority elected mayor. You say you want to help your husband and the City. I would not be alone in saying – then in the name of love and in the best interest of the City, put your shoes on and find something else to do, some other worthy cause. There are thousands children being served by social service agencies that could benefit from your attention and title as 1st Lady of KCMO. Our senior population needs a champion to bring the needs of their growing ranks to the forefront. Pick a cause suitable to your passions and your capacity other than that of your husband and City politics. Think "Noblese Oblige." Your misguided, ill conceived interference has ignited our barely suppressed racism; Kansas City will need years to rebuild local bonds and our national reputation. Admit that you have no political acumen – and try to make amends by being successful in your own right fulfilling a need in Kansas City. Pack up your chachkes/knick-knacks, put your shoes on and go find yourself, find something that you’re good at. Thousand's of us will be rooting for you.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lowering the Bar To Be Assistant City Manager

Human Resources lowered the qualifications in order for overpaid, underperforming, (at City Hall that is) Waynette- LT could be promoted to Assistant City Manager. Hey Mr. HR Director do we or don't we have a merit system for City employees? And, doesn't it apply to all employees the same? (See Judy Hadley posting) LT is reportedly earning $100,000 plus. As a curious footnote though, Gary O'Bannon, HR Director, has received a $21,000.00 increase in his salary over a two year period. Things that make you go...hummmmmm.

Where's Wayne?

Rumor has it that Wayne goes out of town almost every weekend, often Denver sometimes other places. Who is paying for these trips? Just curious if he is or he has benefactors.

Inquiring Minds Want to know - 30% Raise?

What was the justification in giving Judy Hadley, Commissioner of Revenue/Finance Dept. received a 30% raise - although her tax amnesty program did not bring in enough funds to cover the expenses of the program. I think I want to be Wayne's friend and work for City Hall.

Tara's Tiffany Springs Party - Taxpayers Get Soaked

Taxpayers - you will be picking up the tab for Tara Squitiro's Tiffany Springs Aquatics Park Party for the 18-23 year old set who can't entertain themselves. Apparently, this expensively promoted party needed a minimum of 500 to break even. In addition to wet wild fun there were DJs and security. The official head count was 70 and apparently that count includes the staff. So much for the Funk/Squitiro's being "regular folk" How many of you would like to have the tax payers pick up the tab for your kids' party, bar/bat mitzvahs at the Springs?

Despot Wayne

There was quite a todo over City Council's efforts to renegotiate City Manager Wayne Cauthen's contract. Somehow or other it became a race issue rather than a merit issue, business issue, but then race colors just about everything in Kansas City these days.

The City Manager's compensation package looks something like this:
Base Pay: $215,000.00 per year
Incentives: $ 90,000.00 per year
Car Allowance: $ 800.00 per year
Benefits: $
10% of his wages are put into deferred compensation which has a value of about $224,000.00.
6 weeks paid vacation (keep in mind that benefits are generally figured at about 17% of one's base salary.)

All in all - Wayne's benefit package is approximately $350,000.00 per year. Nationwide, the average compensation package for city managers in cities our size or larger is approximately $200,000.00 per year. If Wayne's contract is renewed as is, his base pay will be $247,000.00 per year - but his performance measures (or lack thereof) remain the same.

Dear fellow citizens, are you okay with this? Don't you want better performance measures to ensure getting more bang for our bucks? We still don't have a functioning housing department after The Despot dismantled it with no plan in mind; we have the debaucle of CIMO with neighborhoods and businessess saying City Hall is less responsive than ever. And still we don't want performance measures for the City Manager? This is not a race issue. This is business, and it's business with our money. Wayne has hired his buddies, particularly those from Denver, and the Waynettes at outrageous salaries regardless of whether they can do the job or not. We elected to keep a strong City Manager form of government. We didn't make it a fiefdom with no accountability, no transparency, no integrity. If we want accountability and transparency in government, then demand your City Councilmembers have the courage to address Wayne's contract from the perspective of good business rather than racial bullying. The rumor mill has it that the issue is not really about keeping Wayne as the City Manager, but just to see that he can get as much money out of the situation as possible. Is this what they call honor among thieves or 21st Century Carpetbagging?

Back In The Saddle Again

Sorry, seekers of truth, honesty and integrity in government. I've been out of town addressing some family matters that took precedent over the chaos, sloth, incompetence, inanities, and idiocies, of City Hall. Although I was glad to be with my family, it seems I have missed a good deal of excitement. You have been having all the fun. So, now I'm back, things are good with the family and it's once more into the breach, dear friends. Let's go get 'em!

Parks Commission -
Perhaps the Funk should just start over with the Parks Commission - thank them all for their time, energy, and controversies and pick a few more, this time following proper protocol and procedure, properly and thoroughly vetting the candidates and keeping G-L-O-R-I-A and T-A-R-A out of the process.

The Frances Semler appointment has garnered national attention and drawn the Minutemen's National Convention to town, the only thing missing from this three-ring circus is her personal appearance on Lou Dobbs or Jay Leno. Frances hopes to further the agenda of the Minutemen and the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform so she comes with a bias. Aggie Stackhaus has infuriated the dog-park advocates as has John Fierro with their support of back-room deals - so much for transparency in government. Tyrone Aiken is a talented dancer and choreographer but he has contractual obligations with many dance companies - how much time does he really have to devote to Parks & Rec. issues? (not to mention he is Princess Tara's pick). Mr. Webster and his family have so many business ties to City Hall - he has a myriad of conflicts of interest on very important issues that need open, honest discussion and every vote is important - and he can't or shouldn't be voting on these. Municipal Ethics Commission - pay heed here - keep your eyes open - ask questions - take nothing for granted - do your own research. The "Big Lug" can openly apologize to the the residents of Kansas City saying that he promised honesty, integrity and transparency and to follow the rules and he didn't and he's sorry and he's going to do a "Do Over."