Monday, September 17, 2007

Wayne's Fiefdom - Another thing that makes you go hummmmmmm

During Wayne's reign, the budget of the City Manager's Office has gone from $4.something million per year to in and around $15,000.,000.00 (million) a year. This from the guy that was supposed to thin out the over-inflated ranks of management - well nature hates a void I guess, and Nature in Wayne World has re-filled the voids with 'his people" or as some of like to call it - Denver's outsourcing of displaced bureaucratic parasites, oh, I think they call them consultants. Let's demand a moratorium on hiring any person, any company from Denver.


Anonymous said...

this blog should be renamed the anti-wayne blog.
Are you one of the people that got fired when Wayne came into town?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Wayne was only able to terminate one director after his first six months. The others, had been previous merit employees so were demoted but not fired. Cauthen probably should have understood that before the firing spectacle as it only moved staff to other departments. One of directors "fired" wasn't even the named director but only acting so it really wasn't necessary to embarrass him publicly by being escorted out of the building when Cauthen could have re-appointed an new acting director.