Monday, September 17, 2007

Gloria - Please No More Public Meltdowns

A Message To G-L-O-R-I-A
It was told to me that you were seen sobbing in a lobby area full of people waiting to do business at City Hall, You were overheard telling someone that you were distraught over your daughter going away o school. Gloria, get a grip. Gloria, you do a disservice to your husband and your children with these dramatic public meltdowns. And more importantly – you do a disservice to the residents and businesses of Kansas City. If you need therapy; there are lots of great therapists in Kansas City. Thousands of mothers sent their children off to school yet they did not feel a need to turn it into a soap opera. You make it difficult to respect you and even worse, you make it difficult to respect the man that a small majority elected mayor. You say you want to help your husband and the City. I would not be alone in saying – then in the name of love and in the best interest of the City, put your shoes on and find something else to do, some other worthy cause. There are thousands children being served by social service agencies that could benefit from your attention and title as 1st Lady of KCMO. Our senior population needs a champion to bring the needs of their growing ranks to the forefront. Pick a cause suitable to your passions and your capacity other than that of your husband and City politics. Think "Noblese Oblige." Your misguided, ill conceived interference has ignited our barely suppressed racism; Kansas City will need years to rebuild local bonds and our national reputation. Admit that you have no political acumen – and try to make amends by being successful in your own right fulfilling a need in Kansas City. Pack up your chachkes/knick-knacks, put your shoes on and go find yourself, find something that you’re good at. Thousand's of us will be rooting for you.

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