Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cyber Caution

Just a word of caution; we would like to suggest to those responding with information or general comments that you do so from home or the library other than a computer at City Hall. We're not saying that the IT people will start tracing web usage etc but you know how controlling and paranoid Wayne C. is. People fight dirty when power is at stake. The only casualties we want are those who's continued employment with the City is a casualty to the residents of KCMO.


Anonymous said...

Cauthen has created a state of tyranny at City Hall.

Too bad the City Council is too stupid to see it or just doesn't care. They are all too busy being self-important. Everyone of them campaigned on a promise to get the Manager under control. My entire family supported Jan Marcason and Beth Gottstein and they are the worst! They look absolutely silly and Beth wouldn't even vote to redo his contract. We won't be fooled again!

Any employee worth anything has either left or is looking.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Wayne brought in his buddy from Denver. Since Waynette Gail Roper left his information has been cut off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the council people. Marcason and Gottstein are both weak players and like you, we won't make that mistake the next go around. At this rate they won't get re-elected. Beth was playing both sides on the manager's contract vote. There is already talk of finding someone stronger to replace her.

It will be interesting to see where each of the council people are standing when the skunk moves through Cauthen's garden party and lets his stink out. Personally I would not want to be standing next to Cauthen or any of his toadies.

Anonymous said...

Your word of caution may have shut a whole lot of people down, but it is necessary to remind them of just how closely they ARE being watched. I hope this does not scare them away from commenting.

This site, and the information that is being put out to the public, is the talk of the hall. It brings hope to those of us who have chosen to stay and want to see significant change.

You give hope and remind us of the "power of the people" and what can be done when someone dares to step forward and rally the troops.

Anonymous said...

If you are city employee and go off site to edit your weblog, note that your weblog contains timestamps as to when the posts are made. Note that the security cameras record when an employee leaves the building for lunch and returns.

O'Bannon is the manager's henchman. He can review these tapes without tipping off security as to what he is looking for.

The Other Voice

toadstool_watcher said...

Of course the computers are monitored. They are City property. Just as emails can be captured at anytime. Local media has secured numerous emailings through the Freedom of Information Act.
The atmosphere in City Hall is one of disgust at spineless leadership and wariness of losing one's job for not toeing the company line of lies. As shadowy as it is, these types of blogs allow for the sharing of information, minus the the B.S.
As an aside, this is Cauthen's first job as a City Manager. Man, he really stinks at it. His managerial style of fear and vengeance wrapped in a truly unpolished persona makes for a distasteful package.

Anonymous said...

Are any of the responders, and especially the creator of this blog, able to see the big picture or are you all wrapped up in the small pettiness of office politics?

Anonymous said...

4:14--in other words, the end justifies the means, ANY means?!?

Maybe in some small arenas, but certainly not on this level and when the stakes are so high. This sport, or some might call it a game, has cost people their careers and been damaging to our community in ways that we might not recover, certainly not catch up in this generation.

Our children and grandchildren will be paying for the fancy of people's egos and lack of self control, far into the future.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Interesting comment that the blog and respondents are wrapped up in office politics. I find poor stewardship of the public trust by a city administrator making more than $300,000 that we know about, creating an atmosphere of fear, distrust, cussing out employees, threatening people with impunity with an apparent lack of any accountability for downright illegal human resource practice for the billion dollar corporation called the City of Kansas City, Missouri to BE the big picture. People who go to work in that kind of environment on a daily basis are not 'empowered' to give their best and make effective decisions on my behalf - and as a taxpayer, that's what I deserve. And, as employees, they deserve an environment free from fear of being videotaped and spied on for what they're doing on their lunch. I would prefer that they have the brain space to focus on running my city.

Anonymous said...

"Marcason and Gottstein are both weak players"

Yes they are as was evident at every forum but they're both strong fundraisers and that's all it takes. Marcason is a nice person but not very bright, and Gottstein is outright mentally unstable.

"Beth was playing both sides on the manager's contract vote. There is already talk of finding someone stronger to replace her."

Gottstein flipped her vote because she was mad at the mayor over the Pitch piece which called her out on her absolute fabrication of the Minutemen protest at her condo. She assumed it was the mayor's ex-Pitch staffers who instigated the story. It was not.

Anonymous said...

In other words, Beth makes emotional decisions, not decisions that are best for the community, and based on sound judgment.

If any of the council people are that wishy washy and cannot separate something like a Pitch piece from what is good for the taxpayers, then they need to do some other job. Isn't she the one who was always talking about doing what was good for the children?

Anonymous said...

I could not disagree with you more about Jan Marcason. I've known her for many years working in the community and she's the kind of public servant this blog talks about trying to create an environment to support. She has been inundated since she got there with the biggest issue we will probably face - the sewer issue that will probably cost about $5 billion and with her compassion and commitment to the community based on 25 years of serving as executive director of Mid-America Assistance Coalition, I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who understands more fully how tearing up this city for the next 20 years to put in sewers, pipes and tunnels, triple people's sewer bills at the same time we're dealing with a sales tax issue, downtown, light rail and everything else is going to impact not only her district but the poorer people in our community she has served for all these years. She has also become the city council's leader for sustainable and green initiatives, knowing that if we can reduce the cost of some of the infrastructure by letting nature absorb some of the storm water, it will help the city. No one is working harder, longer hours, from a more solid, compassionate and substantive background than Jan Marcason. She personifies public servant.