Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lowering the Bar To Be Assistant City Manager

Human Resources lowered the qualifications in order for overpaid, underperforming, (at City Hall that is) Waynette- LT could be promoted to Assistant City Manager. Hey Mr. HR Director do we or don't we have a merit system for City employees? And, doesn't it apply to all employees the same? (See Judy Hadley posting) LT is reportedly earning $100,000 plus. As a curious footnote though, Gary O'Bannon, HR Director, has received a $21,000.00 increase in his salary over a two year period. Things that make you go...hummmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Boy, oh, boy do I ever need to be a FOW (friend of Wayne). I am not from Denver but I've visited it.

As a former higher up at City Hall, in 2005 (before I found life after City Hall) at peak performance, I was looking at a 3% to mx. 4% increase for best rating....and my job classification did not require an advanced degree...Ya'll think I could be an ACM? I have actually more real time experience than many but what the heck I just got thru the door the old merit system way.

Despite everything in terms of money and what one has to do to succeed at City Hall (merit system RIP...) I am a better person for not being there-BOY HOWDY. {please read, as couldn't live with myself knowing what I know before you say good riddance} However, as voter and taxpayer, I am very troubled. I know many good city hall staff who are also perplexed by the machinations of current govt.

Keep up the good posts you garden skunk-you smell ever so sweet to me

Anonymous said...

What is the 411 on the scandalous rumor about Waynette LT?? I hear on the street that it involves something sexually-related and will really rock City Hall at its core and weaken Wayne’s support. The City Council is already talking about it.