Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hurry Up Gary - We Want To See The Audits

When Gloria's "Hubby" took office as Mayor he also took four very good people out of the audit department. This in and of itself may not have been a bad idea, in fact it is one of da Funk's better moves. However, when Gary White got the job as City Auditor, and deservedly so, he had to staff up at the same time he was in the middle of crucial audits. Of the many interesting audits we are awaiting with bated breath is the CIMO audit. Gary, just so you know, your fans are eager. I'm persoanlly anxious to see how much was spent on Denver outsourcing.


huntinghobgoblins said...

let's hope he's auditing Parks & Rec - the lifeguards, their mystery overtime, working and getting paid when the pools aren't even open etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

So many departments, so little time! Wish list for Xmas audits..
1)Yeah okay, Parks and Rec
2)And The Health Department ALL of it! Why are we still behind in Food inspections when the increased fees have been in place for YEARS! Dr. Death Archer, stop trying to impress your bosses. Do your job.
3)Fleet maintenance. Are we really saving?
4) Can the City Clerk be audited? Just how many city hours does she spend with Steve Glorioso? Lord knows that sub human glorioso works the phones of local media to dish dirt on Funk. Not that Funk's motley family hasn't handed over the ammo.