Monday, December 31, 2007

Planning For February 2011 (corrected version)

We have about 34 months until Election Day 2011
That's 36 months to identify candidates to replace those council people who are term limited as well as those who should be one-term wonders. As interminable as the federal elections have become; unfortunately campaigns are 3 years long anymore. However, I think we need to plant the seeds, cultivate, nurture the 2010 candidates now.

Many of you work with many, many members of all facets of the community who would you like to see as Mayor or council members. Let's start collecting names; let's start talking to people about running for office; let's help vet them early. Let's help the 3rd district find decent candidates. At community meetings who has impressed you? Let's get their names down; let's start some buzz.
Let's assess our needs. Neighborhood represenation on the council is imperative but so is having someone with a background in finance; there is such a thing as too many lawyers. The Mayoral candidates must have more than a vision and a slogan- they must have a plan that they can articulate; they must instill confidence because he/she must sell the community on the mechanisms that need to be in place to pay off our debts, not bankrupt our schoool district any further, pay for our water/sewage mess, lead us into some sort multi-modal public transportation system. More people will be forced to leave their cars at home as gasoline heads towards $4/5.00 a gallon - Let's talk about what kinds of skills we need on our City Council. More thought goes into placing someone on a Board of Directors or Advisory Committee than goes into those who govern our community.

We're accepting unofficial nominations - for discussion and starting rumors

Candidates So Far for Mayor:
1. Ed Ford (Ed, we already know you're running and it's really annoying to watch you posturing - you've already lost the votes of the Garden Party Skunks
2. Mark Funkhouser - enough said
3. Gloria Squitiro Funkhouser (kind of a Bill/Hilary Clinton see-saw thing going - Gloria -even Hilary dropped her Rodham
4. John Sharp?

Candidates for 1st District
Both Bill Skaggs and Deb Hermann are term limited - wide open -

Candidates for 2nd District:
Current: Russ Johnson seems to be the pick of the new litter, he just needs to roll up his sleeves, grit his teeth and get to work and quit complaining about how tired he is - we're all tired He could be a keeper. 2. Ed Ford - campaigning and grandstanding for mayor

Candidates for 3rd District:
Current: Sharon Saunders Brooks & Melba Curls - 3rd District deserves better than these prima donas who are more concerned about personalized stationery and having an entourage - they're not adjusting to the realities of municipal politics vs that of the state

Candidates for 4th District
Current: Beth Gottstein & Jan Marcason - Both are huge disappointments; Beth can't seem to keep her medication regulated and Jan The Everywoman - is trying to make everyone happy - and is succeeding in making no one happy. It's got to be uncomfortable on that fence.
1. Doug Gamble - let's talk to him again - he made a good showing for getting into the race so late; he has a good reputation as a businessman; his employees speak highly of him and are fiercely loyal - so he must be doing something right.
We need nominations here because Jim Glover will fill the void if we don't have viable candidates

Candidates for 5th District
Current: Terry Riley is term limited and Cindy Circo who has also been a tremendous disappointment

Candidates for 6th District
Current: Cathy Jolley - it's hard to assess Cathy because she has been focusing on personal health issues but her membership in the Gang of Nine disappointed us immeasurably; John Sharp seems to be grinding multiple axes for every perceived or real injury or slight. John's not stupid but seems blinded by his search for revenge or personal justice - Maybe he's running for Mayor too

We know we started this blog to help faciliate the removal of Wayne Cauthen as primary raper and pillager of the public coffers; However, Mayor "Murphy's Law" Funkhouser can't seem to not bungle things up; he has created the "F" Troop of City Councilmembers. So maybe if we can come up with a great slate of candidates to nip at their heels the next 30 or so months then we may actually get them to accomplish something of merit.

Let's get some names and nominations

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Blog: Telling the Truth Kansas City

You may want to view a new blog - as we head into the new year - fresh voice, fresh perspective,

Telling the Truth Kansas City
I don't want to Recall Funk or Defend the Funk. I don't want to start a race riot or embrace the Minutemen. I don't have any other agenda than the truth and the citizens are not hearing it. The Falling Star isn't doing it the Pitch has gotten lazy and lost credibility. If anyone else is interested -- Let's hear it. Don't worry about confidentiality. I am a long-time City Hall insider and would be in a whole lot of trouble too.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Just to clarify - the website calling for a recall of Mayor Funkhouser is not affilated with the Not Ready For Prime Buzz Blog or the Garden Party Skunks. We don't want to take credit for something in which we played no part. A tip of the hat to those organizing.

New Website: RecalltheFunk

This was emailed to Garden Party Skunks 12/18/07 11:29am

We've just launched a new website - - tohelp spur discussion about recalling Mayor Mark Funkhouser. We havestood by and watched one embarrassing chapter after another. Some of ussupported Funkhouser during the elections and some of us opposed him,but we are all united in desiring change in our city's leadership. It'stime for the shameful saga of the Funk to come to end so that KansasCity can move forward united, instead of being torn apart.
We are not seeking to organize a formal recall campaign. We're not apart of a campaign or working with any group. We're just citizens whoare fed up and who expect better from our mayor. We're the "regularfolks" that Funkhouser promised to represent if he got elected.
Our hope is to help spark a serious dialogue about recalling the mayorand to serve as a conduit of information to the public about anydevelopments toward a recall. In the coming days and weeks ahead, wewill work to help keep citizens informed and aware of the latest newsand events.
We have also set up a Café Press store( the people can buy"Recall the Funk" t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers. The purchase ofitems from this store will help promote the idea of recalling the Funk,and it also will help us to defray the costs insetting up our websiteand communicating with the public.
We thank you for whatever help you can offer in promoting this effort.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Beth, Cathy, Jan, Cindy and Ed, please grow up

This was posted by Anonymous 12/15/07 8:12pm

I will pass on the issue of whether W.C. is a good city manager or not. What disturbs me most about this situation is: (1) How poorly Funk handled it with his unilateral action, but then (2) how poorly the 9 council members responded with their own equally unilateral action. The 9 wish to claim that they were only responding to Funk's lack of inclusiveness (and rightfully so at first), but then they themselves respond with an equally non-inclusive action by ramrodding a 3.5 year contract down the taxpayers throat with NO, and I mean NO, notice or discussion. We voted for these people, and they left us (and the other council members) out of the loop as well. I for one would have like to have known what they were doing before it was done. This was bad government, and bad politicians, at their worst. At that point, the gang of 9 lost any credibilty to claim the moral high ground that they were only responding to, and thus trying to fix, Funk's lack of inclusiveness. This is clearly just a "show" argument without real substance. Clearly, this was nothing more than a power play by BOTH sides to get what they want. Saddly, in this power play the real losers are the citizens of this city that have to watch 13 adults behave like spoiled children. I have lived in this city for alomst 45 years, and I have NEVER been this disgusted with a council before. ALL of them are merely advancing their own agendas at our expense.I have watched the hearing twice and I am very disappointed in many of the people I personally supported with both money and time. However, I am most disappointed in two people: Cathy Jolly and Beth Gottstein (Jan a close third). Each ran on a platform of cooperation and advancing the agenda of the people/city over thier own. They showed their colors by joining into the fray and adding their voices to the cacophany of anger and hate. These two women know better, they just chose to pursue their own agendas over what was right: Attempting to work a resolution of the matter before embarassing this entire city with their conduct and chaos.As Shakespeare wrote, "A pox on all your houses," and truer words were never written about this council. This ENTIRE council should be ashamed and embarassed about how they are behaving. If they are not, then Lord knows I am embarassed enough by them for all of us. I have to spend this Christmas explaining once again to my in-laws in Kansas why I and my husband still live in KC. My residency has just become much harder to defend. I am sad tonight for my city, and that this is my city council.Beth, Cathy, Jan, Cindy and Ed, please grow up over Christmas, because right now you are killing us.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mr. Mayor, Pull Yourself Up - Get On It

This is posted Sat 12/15/07 9:21 a.m.

Foghorn said...

Note to the mayor:Gloria CAN NOT STAY. It is that simple. She is about to cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Funk - While I applaud your loyalty, your statement "she will be there as long as I am" leaves us little choice. I smell a recall.

1-The debate so far has been about race, not about competency. The #1 problem - GLORIA - This is about Gloria. How much of the debate revolved around Gloria? It's obvious. She's a liability and needs to be controlled.

2-If you can't manage your own wife, how in the world can you manage this mess at city hall?

3-If Gloria gave a diddly about you, you wouldn't be able to drag her into city hall. If I was causing 1% of this grief to my spouse in ANY undertaking, I would back away. Gloria's insistence on staying around is NOT LOVE, it's control. There's another word for it, but I won't go there.

4-I'm not an attorney, but it would seem to me that NOT being a city employee, Gloria is PERSONALLY responsible for her actions. Now, that doesn't absolve the city and our deep pockets in that the city has ALLOWED the hostile work place to exist and continue, so our tax dollars will pay, BUT I don't see where city dollars can be used to defend GLORIA from personal liability or to protect her personal assets. If a city employee gets sued, their assets are generally protected, but I don't see that with Gloria. So, is it worth your house and savings?

To all -

What are we to do? Thursday will go down as one of the city's darkest days. I don't see a win here. Whatever happens will be about race, not performance. I saw little, if any, discussion on competency, leadership, or ethics. There were attacks on the mayor's wife for which he bears responsibility, but beyond that, not a lot of discussion about the real issues.

I think the mayor tried to take "the high road" but didn't do a very good job of executing it. He tried to go on record as saying he and the city manager "had different visions" and let Cauthen move on to work "his magic" somewhere else. Cauthen decided to play the race card and make a stink (personally I think he saw this coming and has been laying some groundwork to strengthen that card's value - the timing of the complaint against Gloria was awful convenient)so now the mayor needs to get honest with the people.

As sad as it is, Funk is still our only hope here (I don't see Blunt stepping in), but first he's got to lose Gloria from his staff. That's what kitchen counters are for. After losing Gloria, he's GOT to lay out all the issues. He HAS to lay out to the council and the people HIS REASONS for not renewing WC's contract.

The incompetency. Funk knows budgets and finance.

Point out the flaws in the direction we've taken. ANYBODY can rebuild downtown with borrowed money we can't repay. I could drive a Ferrari if I didn't have to make the payments! Point out the hundred's of thousands of dollars in waste and favors. Point out the deficit and budget shortfalls and draw the line back to WC. Point out the ethical issues. The documented and reported travel expenses are just part of the story. There are more and in the time he's been in the Hall, he should know where to look or just look here and we'll tell him. Point out the unlawful and unethical contracts and outright awards. If WC wants to make it a race thing, then go there. Equality is one thing, even a degree of MBE advantage, but MBE exclusivity is another. I am amazed at the number of MBE's we deal with that have NO OTHER CUSTOMERS. They cannot or will not compete in the marketplace! If WC wants it to be a referendum on racial preference, so be it.

Go to the HR issues. WC is the CEO here. He is ultimately responsible for it ALL. Go to LT's pornography and WC's refusal to deal with her. We're going to have to pay backpay and reinstate all other employees who have been fired for the same thing. Discuss the widespread hostilities throughout the city from upper management down, including the City Manager's Office. The voters would be shocked to hear the things that are going on under WC's nose and with his implied approval. It shouldn't be hard to find examples of the horrible morale of the employees and city wide fear employees have of management. The entire city is a hostile workplace and efforts to prevent it are nonexistent.

Let's look at the whole copier thing. That got a lot of traction with the public and there are more stories just like it. The early termination of 4 directors (3 white, 1 black) to be replaced with 3 black and 1 white (if memory serves me right). Look at the competency of the people WC has personally selected. The best people available for any job are always minorities from Denver? How is that? Any leader can be judged by those he chooses to assist him.

Funk, MAKE YOUR CASE! The case is there for somebody to pick up. Either YOU do it or pack your bags.

My prediction - Funk can't stand up to Gloria, he can't take the heat of city hall. I see a resignation. I'm not and haven't been a big Funk supporter, but nobody wins from a mid-term special election, especially one that will be 100% race based. I was just looking for a new job. If he doesn't get this mess right, I'll be looking for a new home town.December 15, 2007 9:21 AM.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Does Wayne Staying Mean Bankruptcy?

Posted by Anonymous 12/13/07 7:21 a.m.

Wait until the "citizens" that are coming out in support of keeping Wayne and his toadies find out how close the City is to being bankrupted by all of Wayne's pet projects. These TIFS are really making a dent in the city's funds. I hear there is a scandal brewing over another $10 million that EDC is claiming is still owed for old projects-- that's half the city fund balance! And I heard that all these TIFS and extra pet projects are the reason that Budget hasn't been able to finish the next year budget -- can't find the additional $50 million needed to pay for all the spending that WC won't cut back on. He's spending money like it grows on the trees downtown!And he keeps trying to hide the truth from the Mayor about the problems-- that's why he has to GO. Wake up Kansas City and check out the facts about the city's financial condition that WC has put it in! Come on KC Star, get the facts out in front of the citizens about how bad the budget situation really is.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Re-Positioning Gloria

This post came in 12/9 from Anonymous - sorry for the delay

Since Gloria is so dead set on stripping the Mayor of any dignity by insisting on calling him by that horrible nickname (outside of their home), I think we should share the joy and give her a nickname too. Squirt comes to mind. Short for Squitiro. Call her Squirty when we're feeling affectionate. Not only does she rub almost everyone the wrong way (except for the mayor; I guess she knows how to rub him the right way), but she refuses to accept criticism of any kind, and turns it all around to make it sound like it's all a jihad against the administration. Truly, Squirty, it's really all about you!

GPS Comments: From the sounds of the Steve Penn article Gloria talks like she's the decision maker and Funk, is the delivery mechanism. So why are we wasting time conferring with the Funk, the Hunk, the Big Lug, The Hubby etc when Gloria is the power behind the throne, well actually she's perched on his lap or holding his head up in her hands (his gray matter must be very dense since there are so many pictures of her holding his head in her hands - there must be some interesting symbolism here - any comments Psych Majors?)

Can we get the Law Dept. to weigh in on the City's liability issues with a volunteer who is the designated acting mayor? Can she be sued in Civil Court or do the taxpayers have to 'eat the costs of Mammygate?"

Continuing The Investigation

From our friends at The Pitch

I know you mentioned this a while back, so I thought you might find this interesting: Cheers, Eric Barton Managing Editor The Pitch 816-218-6782

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Someone posted on Blunt, "Did the GPS win?". From our perspective we all won. This is a good thing for Kansas City and those at City Hall who serve the community. With no posts coming and no emails with information we didn't want to waste your time.
We can use this blog to help urge the Mayor and Council to hire the right kind of person. To you, City Hallers, what sort of attributes should the new City Manager have? What would you put on his/her "To Do" list? Let the speculation begin.