Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Website: RecalltheFunk

This was emailed to Garden Party Skunks 12/18/07 11:29am

We've just launched a new website - http://www.recallthefunk.com/ - tohelp spur discussion about recalling Mayor Mark Funkhouser. We havestood by and watched one embarrassing chapter after another. Some of ussupported Funkhouser during the elections and some of us opposed him,but we are all united in desiring change in our city's leadership. It'stime for the shameful saga of the Funk to come to end so that KansasCity can move forward united, instead of being torn apart.
We are not seeking to organize a formal recall campaign. We're not apart of a campaign or working with any group. We're just citizens whoare fed up and who expect better from our mayor. We're the "regularfolks" that Funkhouser promised to represent if he got elected.
Our hope is to help spark a serious dialogue about recalling the mayorand to serve as a conduit of information to the public about anydevelopments toward a recall. In the coming days and weeks ahead, wewill work to help keep citizens informed and aware of the latest newsand events.
We have also set up a Café Press store(http://www.cafepress.com/recallthefunk/)where the people can buy"Recall the Funk" t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers. The purchase ofitems from this store will help promote the idea of recalling the Funk,and it also will help us to defray the costs insetting up our websiteand communicating with the public.
We thank you for whatever help you can offer in promoting this effort.


Ted said...

We're mad at Funk, but we're not going to do anything about but talk amongst ourselves!

Great activism! Good luck in galvanizing support among a few online lurkers!

Anonymous said...

Can we recall the City Manager?

Anonymous said...

Can't recall CM but you can gather enough signatures to force the City to put the ordinance authorizing the 3.5 year contract to a vote. The red bridge folks were going to do that if the Chuck Eddy (so glad he's gone) condemnation ordinance passed.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for recalling the city manager. That's why we elected Funk in the first place. Let Funk do his job and get rid of the jerk.

Does no one recall the KC Star editorial cartoon of a wrecking ball going at the ground floor of City Hall after Cauthen fired many department managers.

The man is a joke.