Monday, December 10, 2007

Continuing The Investigation

From our friends at The Pitch

I know you mentioned this a while back, so I thought you might find this interesting: Cheers, Eric Barton Managing Editor The Pitch 816-218-6782


Anonymous said...

Mr C is getting kicked out the door and not a moment too soon. Now if we can get rid of is LaToadies maybe some of us Caucasion-Americans can finally get a break instead of being stepped over by incompetent Non-Caucasion-American (non Denver) folks who have been hired WAY over the minimum salary ranges and/or had the qualifications lowered so Mr C's LT could get a big raise while the rest of the city employees don't get enough to cover the cost of living increases. Now that Mr C's gone PLEASE Mr Mayor get rid of the rest of the corrupt group he surrounded himself with and let them reimburse the city for ALL of their expensive trips (check out LT's expenses too) Hell that would be enough to give some of us on the bottom a little bit of a raise.
Good riddance to a racist who was determined to make KC into Denver East and put in as many African American dolts as possible.

DJ_Arkangel said...

Wanye Cauthen a racist? No, just the opposite... it is YOU that's a racist, Mr./Mrs./Miss Hypocrite (whichever the case may be). You call Cauthen a racist, but by reading your post... you're just as bad as he is, if not worse (that is... if Cauthen is actually racist). GPS, 6:50AM exemplifies the kind of intolerable, moronic, xenophobic, country bumpkin prejudice that will ALWAYS hold Kansas City back. We will never be a city of progress, just a cowtown of digress.

Anonymous said...

both sides need to get over the race thing.

get your damn heads out of the 1800's and fire all the useless turds that occupy most of the managerial class positions.

start with CIMO. there's 100 people sitting around charging to 15 projects. WC and his wonderful consultants improved the process so much by creating bloated overhead, overspending, and numerous illegal change orders which have rendered the City capital program broke.

after CIMO, move to what's left of PW and do the same thing. then head down to CPD and take care of all the staff that just sits around making pretty looking plans and attending 4 hour staff meetings. when you get down to half the hall occupied, then figure out where to go and hire the right guy to get it done.

so glad i'm gone but i can't quit caring about the 445k that are having their money stolen by all the incorrupt and incompetent people.

DJ_Arkangel said...

My damn head was never nor have been in the 1800's, sir/madam (whichever the case may be). That was THEN... this is NOW. Tell that to some of these Kansas Citans who are STILL stuck on the past, as well as Stuck On Stupid (S.O.S. - Get it?) And I strongly concur with what you've posted. City Hall needs a MAJOR clean-up of all its dead weight, from CIMO on down. The costly, foolish, open (or closeted... depending on who you talk to) spectacle cannot go on much longer.