Monday, December 10, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Someone posted on Blunt, "Did the GPS win?". From our perspective we all won. This is a good thing for Kansas City and those at City Hall who serve the community. With no posts coming and no emails with information we didn't want to waste your time.
We can use this blog to help urge the Mayor and Council to hire the right kind of person. To you, City Hallers, what sort of attributes should the new City Manager have? What would you put on his/her "To Do" list? Let the speculation begin.


Anonymous said...

This is in reference to the press releases on The Star's website about the Mayor not renewing Cauthen's contract.

I’m not sure how Funkhouser has the authority to unilaterally remove Cauthen from office. Based on the City charter, the only action for which the Mayor has sole responsibility is “submitting a resolution to the Council for the appointment of a City Manager …” as part of the search process for hiring a new City Manager. To terminate the City Manager, it takes the mayor and six council votes or nine council votes without the Mayor’s vote. “The City Manager shall be notified in writing of suspension or removal from office by no later than the next business day following the Council’s action.” Once the City Manager is notified, he/she has the right to request a written statement of the reasons for removal and a hearing before the Council. “The Council shall hold a hearing no earlier than five and no later than fifteen days after the City Manager is provided a written statement of reasons for suspension or removal from office. The hearing before the Council shall be a public hearing…” This is taken from the revised Charter (2006), Part 3, Sec 218.

A couple of points:

1. Funkhouser is quoted as saying he “won’t submit the resolution, and he’s the only one who can”. As mentioned above, that is only in reference to the APPOINTMENT of a City Manager – not the TERMINATION.

2. The full Council would have to vote to TERMINATE Cauthen. Termination is implied in Funkhouser’s press release since “a severance deal is under discussion now”, but Funkhouser can’t fire Cauthen without enough votes.

3. There is no reason for Funkhouser TO or NOT TO submit a renewal resolution at this point. This was taken care of when a new contract had not been negotiation by November 30th since that was the new deadline as voted by the Council.

The above statements are facts based on my interpretation of the City charter. NOW, these are my opinions:

1. I’m not sure why Funkhouser has to project such a negative, bullish attitude.

2. Funkhouser was elected Mayor - not his wife - and they have made the Mayor’s Office a JOKE.

3. The Council lacks cohesiveness due to personal agendas and internal strife. Funkhouser apparently does not have the ability to build consensus among the members for the good of the City.

Anonymous said...

Funkhouser getting rid of Cauthen really doesn't seem like that big of a suprise. Afterall, as a candidate, he was the least supportive of Cauthen and what he has done for the City. I just hope that Cauthen takes his friends with him. Has anyone heard a response from his Denver buddies at City Hall?

Anonymous said...

The news media is ignoring the relevent section of the charter which is 218(d) regarding Compensation. Under this provision, the mayor holds all the cards.

toadstool_watcher said...

I think that squit and squat jumped the gun by making loud noises on a situation that was apparently on track to remove Cauthen from his precarious post. Cauthen did not have the needed votes to remain City Manager. Terry Riley (bless his empty head) was using old tactics that were not working. Now maybe poor "Bernie Mac" can get some peace from her new best friends LT, Clinton and Gwen. (Inside note to the gang "That dog won't fight".) Now let's all watch to see whom squit and squat try to fob off on us. Having watched this promising administration do such cruel and stupid things I have no doubt that the demented duo have a candidate already picking out colour schemes and kitchen accouterments to complement the office across the hall..

toadstool_watcher said...

But I digressed. What attributes? This new manager will need:

1. excellent management skills to work with current city hall employees. The past 8 1/2 years have been dismal unless you were a rabid downtown supporter all day every day.
2. A working knowledge of the intricisies of our Federal government. We have several issues which include the looming combined sewer system replacement and light rail funding.
3. A full understanding of our economic development plan and how it relates to TIF. Yes, this person will need to be a code breaker.
4. The ability to draw back in City functions that are currently in disarray. Like the 311 system. The average citizen must jump through hoops to finally and erroniously end up at 311. If we needed to get info, we would DIAL 311. If we just want the operator to connect us to a specific department, just do it. No offense to current staff, but I hate all of the rigmarole. I am sure that each of you can shake your heads at some in-house BS and wonder "who thought up that one?"
5. Be able to give upper management clear goals and objectives. No more reactionary movements to CYA. The frontline workers are left in a lurch when the "new" crisis emerges.
6. Have the business background to understand trends that affect our city. AND be able to prepare and effectively use this knowledge. Waiting for the next blow is not a good plan.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the "citizens" that are coming out in support of keeping Wayne and his toadies find out how close the City is to being bankrupted by all of Wayne's pet projects. These TIFS are really making a dent in the city's funds. I hear there is a scandal brewing over another $10 million that EDC is claiming is still owed for old projects-- that's half the city fund balance! And I heard that all these TIFS and extra pet projects are the reason that Budget hasn't been able to finish the next year budget -- can't find the additional $50 million needed to pay for all the spending that WC won't cut back on. He's spending money like it grows on the trees downtown!
And he keeps trying to hide the truth from the Mayor about the problems-- that's why he has to GO. Wake up Kansas City and check out the facts about the city's financial condition that WC has put it in! Come on KC Star, get the facts out in front of the citizens about how bad the budget situation really is.

toadstool_watcher said...

Squat WAS the auditor. He has a working knowledge of where the money is being spent. He was elected to get the finances on track. He knows the number to the Star. He can pull together a media event to expose the lies.

rexruther said...

Hey, wake up and smell the coffee....Wayne is IN, just got a three year contract extension....Funk and his gang of three Northlanders just got their collective heads handed to them by the rest ot the City Council.