Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Just to clarify - the website calling for a recall of Mayor Funkhouser is not affilated with the Not Ready For Prime Buzz Blog or the Garden Party Skunks. We don't want to take credit for something in which we played no part. A tip of the hat to those organizing.


Anonymous said...


I know a Glorioso skunk when I smell one. If you're going to host his and his
$40 sex counselor's (the mayor-who-won't-quit) website, count me out. WC is problem #1 for this City. This blog needs to get back to the business of getting rid of him. Skaggs is taking action. I think we'll see WC head back to Denver real soon. Good riddance!

Their nicey-nice "Greetings" post criticizes the Funkhouser with "It's time for the shameful saga of the Funk to come to end so that Kansas City can move forward united, instead of being torn apart." But what do you think their little web site will do? It most certainly will tear down our City and our cause. Barnes, et al, are afraid her district's voters will learn the not so stellar truth of her and WC's reign. She's fighting an uphill battle as it is and with all the negatives that are subject to come to light with WC gone, most assuredly it will cost her votes.

Please GPS, dump them.

Anonymous said...

Get the focus back on Cauthen. All Funk was trying to do was get rid of him, which is what we all want. So why attack Funk? How about the 9 idiots that just gave Wayne a 3 1/2 year deal?!! Why no recall for them? I voted for Funk knowing he was going to get rid of Cauthen. I am more upset with the reckless and stupid gang of 9.

Anonymous Gloria said...

I am not leaving .... LOL

Mike Sanders can keep Calvin! Hunky Funky did not want him. Wrong race and wrong gender. Funk likes to have me there ready for a kissy kiss on his big nose and a tongue in his BIG EARS, so Calvin will not get to "work with" the "BIG guy." I WIN. I get to stay! LOL LOL LOL