Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's Stay Focused

Ladies & Gentlemen, let's stay focused on the job at hand. We do have an incredibly naive and gullible City Council. Hopefully, via this blog we can help educate them so they can make good decisions. Unfortunately, not many of them were neighborhood leaders that had the experience of working with many City staff members to get to know them and develop trust and a working relationship. They barely got their seats warmed up and the City has been embroiled in controversy on so many fronts. They need to know you and mutually earn trust. The job at hand is to have honesty, integrity, transparency and good government. Which as far as we're concerned means Wayne, the Waynettes and according to the comments LaToadies need to go before the City is sucked dry - of money, good employees, good government etc. City Hall cannot be the place it needs to be until Wayne's contract is not renewed. We know there were problems BW (Before Wayne) but for the sake of change, for the sake of good honest government, let's stay focused. Find your courage, find your voice, name names, and tell us where to look and what rocks to look under. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We do have a responsibility in our own reality. Just as Wayne and his Watchers are watching and sneaking around watching you, let's make sure everyone is on Wayne Watch. Just as Wayne has had people followed, someone should follow Wayne. So, ladies and gentlemen, first we'll focus on Wayne, the Waynettes and LaToadies.

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Anonymous said...

What in the world are "LaToadies"?