Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Up To Us

In looking over the newly amended Charter it looks to us like the only way City Council can investigate Wayne is if they have the support of the full council. We're not lawyers so we could be wrong. With so many spineless and/or self-serving councilmembers this is probably not going to happen, so it's up to us.

There are many wounded former City Hallians who know where the bodies are buried. We hope you too find the courage to exhume those bodies. They can't get you now! (unless of course, you have pending lawsuit) To current City Hallians - you know what you need to's up to us.

Edward R. Murrow:
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves

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Anonymous said...

We need to recognize that this Council doesn't care about US -- the employees who are being terrorized and tyrannized by Wayne.
They don't care about the fact that Queen LaToad picked fights and verbally abused employees all over City Hall, got Hinsvark fired for stupid reasons, and arranged for her La Toady girl friends to get special privileges like free parking in the City Hall basement, specially created jobs just for them, 15% to 30% raises after only a few months in the job( Judy Hadley isn't the only one that was showered with money!), annual promotions, outlandish travel and spending budgets, etc., ad nauseum. Nor do they care that Wayne wrote creative job specs to fit the candidate he pre-selected (African American or ethnic, of course), nor that he had staff "fix" job interview lists so that his pick (read African American again!) was always the best choice (like Hadley and Deletta Dean). Nor that he ignored the council ordinances outlining the merit system for City employees, trod on their rights, gave HIS staff annual increases that exceeded the City's HR policy of 4% max; reclassed HIS staff to higher pay ranges, etc., e3tc. They don't care that he gave Directors huge salary increases and increased their vacation leave and pension benefits to buy their loyalty--and replaced "those white boys" with new directors making 50% more than the previous incumbent or the amount that an internal candidate (read: best qualified!)would get under the merit system. They don't even care that he lowered the standards and re-wrote job specs so his Queen LaToad could be promoted to ACM! Or that he gave her a $15,000 raise when she was just an "Assistant". It doesn't really bother the Council that he is blocking the investigation of Queen LaToad's pornography and that she and only she will be allowed to keep her job despite what has been the norm in the past.

But there one thing that would make a difference to this Council:

PROOF that he (or the Queen LaToad) is guilty of a criminal malfeasance. Not City policy --I mean a bribe, theft, fixing City contracts, lining his own or the pockets of friends. Some one knows about this!
Show us the "no bid" contracts he insisted on, or the inflated contracts he negotiated, or evidence of accepting special favors or money from contract winners! Come forth with how the list of no bid contractors used by PIAC came to include his contractor/political supporter friends from DENVER, forevermore!
How about an explanation why when the City identifies land to buy (top secret!) the value of the land always doubles or triples by the time the buy offer is made. Who is tipping the owners off? Did the land change hands between the time the plan was made and the City started negotiating to purchase it?
Some one knows! Give us the PROOF we need to end this nighmare!

Better yet -- send it anonomously to the PITCH. Don't bother with the STAR -- they are Wayne supporters and will make any dirty stories disappear!