Monday, October 8, 2007

Let's Take A Poll

When you get home or go to the library - take the time to complete the poll at the end. Email me your ideas for future polls.


Give A Damn About KC said...

Way to go 'Skunk! What a great idea to poll citizens about their position on this whole Cauthen mess. I wonder, though, if the Council people will have the guts to take the results to heart or if they'll still find excuses (read pander to their own future interests - yes, this means you Ed Ford!)to stall or do nothing. Any wagers? I haven't seen any courageous leadership emerge yet from this Council. Any time people!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the low "voter turn-out". What's the matter guys -- afraid you will leave a trail that Wayne, Waynettes, LaToadies, et al can follow? I don't think so! Let's get the votes rolling in.

Hey, Skunk, How about a recap of what we know about Wayne's dirty dealing to date so that readers can render a judgement. And don't forget to leave out the part about putting us in debt, wiping out our fund balance, and tripling his own budget (not even counting CIMO and the Action Center!).

I notice that no one has been able to id any GOOD he has done for the City. . .

Anonymous said...

I know there are a LOT more than 81 people reading this blog. Please everyone just vote once. I notice the blog has integrity and even though I'm tempted to vote early and vote often, it won't let me, so it's up to the hundreds of people I KNOW read this blog to let the Council know it's safe for them to lead us out of this mess. I know for a fact they're afraid they'll be race baited by their minority council peers (what a shame) for exercising the leadership we elected them to have the courage to exercise in the face of whatever challenges they face in governing our city. Man, you've given them the play by play facts that any private corporation would have fired ALL of these thieves, cheaters and white collar criminals for. How easy is it to cast one anonymous vote to make it clear to them they have the vote of City Hall and the public to get rid of the king pin behind this tyranny to make their decision easier? Please just do the poll.