Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spotting Tyrants

Perhaps our new councilmembers don't know how to identify a tryrant, pick them out of the crowd. Once again, from Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde:

The tyrant, more often than not, is a nobody. Often he's a failure and a coward, and he needs others to march forward for him to fill the gap of his inadequacy. He places unreasonable demands on others, partly to dominate and control them, and partly in the vain attempt to bolster himself up to assist with his fears and insecurities. Meanwhile, he causes trouble, dominating, manipulating, and controlling those around him with negative emotion, violence, and threats. Tyrants are terrified of death.

Tyrants may sometimes be hard to spot, since they often cloud their tyranny by feigning reasonableness. But you can spot them from their expression, as it's hard to hide the anger and violence they project. Usually the tyrant takes his darkness to the grave.

Jan, Beth, Melba, Cindy, Russ, John we hope this helps clear your vision a little. We know Wayne is being nice to you , ingratiating himself to you - all the better to manipulate you, is duping you. Why won't you heed the words of those who have more experience than you? You don't have to make all your own mistakes at our expense.

Power players are rumbling, residents are grumbling - you need to lead, follow or get out of the way by stepping down or Kansas City could be the first city in history to recall an entire City Council and Mayor simultaneously. Now that you know how to identify tyrants please take corrective action. Next we'll begin to educate you on bullies and bullying.

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