Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Checking In

Thanks for your concern Anonymous 2:46pm - we've been busier than ants at a picnic, checking out facts, checking it twice, finding out who's naughty or nice. We're glad Dave Helling is on the pornographic trail via the Sunshine Laws. Hopefully, LTs computer hasn't been totally purged and there is proof of the pornography and a trail to those with whom she shared. But you all have been very quiet, we know that you're scared but at some point you need to follow your moral compass. We skunks are dependent upon the party participants in the garden that is City Hall. So keep the information coming. We're really interested in the possible City Hall leak affecting property acquisitions.


Anonymous said...

Skunk, I think I know who you are.
I think you got recently fired and thus the sour grapes.
If you are who I think you are, I'm glad they fired you. You did nothing but travel and spend precious tax money.

Anonymous said...

Boy, are you ever wrong.....

Anonymous said...

Cauthen is in battle mode. He has won the first skirmish and has kept everything (the pornography issue is only one of the scandals) under wraps while the Council negotiates his contract. The poor, hapless council people and the Mayor will be very embarrassed if all of the garbage comes out.

Cauthen is laughing at the Mayor and Council. Cauthen laughs to his staff about how stupid the Council and Mayor are. Especially the Mayor, Cauthen comes back from meetings with the Mayor in hysterics. The City Council and the City stand to be very embarrassed when they give him a new contract. Riley has promised Cauthen a new contract and has a plan to derail the current negotiations. Sadly, he has been able to intimidate the rest of the Council and have his way on everything.

He has several people looking for you. Be very careful, Cauthen is enraged and very confident. He has hired private investigators before to destroy people like you.

There have been numerous meetings on 29 to figure out a way to keep the media from getting this information. Don't be surprised if much, if not all, information is withheld from Helling. I hope he does a better job getting the real story than Horsley did on Citadel. Cauthen and Riley are laughing all the way to the bank.

Poor Greenway. Cauthen is trumping up a bogus case involving HUD to make Rich Noll fire him. The offending file locked in a drawer in Cauthen's office will then disappear.

See you in the elevator, Skunk!

Anonymous said...

8:08 spill the beans and "out" this skunk

Anonymous said...

What a sophomoric juvenile nanny-nanny-boo-boo remark. This blog has exhibited nothing if not the refreshing exchange of intelligent conversation among at least 100 SMART and caring citizens if you only count the number of people who have taken the poll, fully 75% of which say fire the city manager. All sour grapes according to you?

We don't care who the original skunk(s) is/are. What's important is there is a safe place to speak truth to power - and since Pendergast, there has not been a more tyrranical, dangerous, corrupt, unsafe city management environment in Kansas City.

Every time I see this kind of remark, I think - LaToadie. We're not distracted, bullied or buffaloed by attempts to sidetrack the attention to 'who is the skunk'. We know of LT's threats to find out who the skunk is and 'sue' us all for defamation of character. Guess what, sister. Defamation of character requires the allegations to be untrue. Do your homework before you threaten the etherspace. The emperor inside the Manager's office has no clothes. Everyone knows it - and his minions can't convince us that he's fully clothed and that we're the villians for pointing out his royal nakedness.

seenitbeentheregone said...

Jeez, just when I thought I didn't believe in Underdog anymore...
Thanks, skunk for a) restoring my belief in superheroes and their power, and b)being unafraid to say what needs to be said.

What, pray tell can anyone at City Hall-Cauthen or henchmen-do to you?
Nothing, as you are proving the word is more powerful than the sword.

To paraphrase 20th wit, Dorothy Parker...
"when friends tells rumours and lies about me
i won't bother to deny
but when they spread the truth,
i'll scream and swear they lie....
with apologies to D. parker

Anonymous said...

Do you people not understand? Skunk has opened the window and given us courage to speak. We're mad as hell and we're not taking it anymore. Do you really think your piddly little bullying tactics will shut us up now? Never underestimate the power of the people.

Wayne Cauthen is the one who needs to be watching his back. Keep on laughing. I wish he would tamper with evidence. He'd look good in an orange jump suit.

"Skunk" has become at least 100 of us (skunk, is it more?). We'll start another blog if this one goes away, the media is watching, the public is interested, neighborhood associations are putting pressure on their cowardly council people to do their jobs and fire him.

Give it up. It's etherspace. You can't control it. IT'S FREEDOM OF SPEECH. DEAL WITH IT. You're not in charge.

Anonymous said...

there are people in alternative media who would help out the fraud and abuse.