Saturday, October 13, 2007

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janus2city said...
10/13 8:49 is only partially right. Competent??? Hinsvark was strong and stood up to people, but NOT because she was necessarily trying to do the "right" thing. DH was power hungry, controlling, and opinionated--thought she was smarter and better than than every one else. She never bothered to check "facts" or think things through. She would butt in and claim expertise on EVERY topic -- when there were better and smarter heads that should have been speaking.Consider these points and judge for yourself her "competent" performance":She said the tax amnesty would bring in $9 million in 6 weeks and $60 million more in 5 years. Hmmm... Finance doesn't talk about THAT any more and is avoiding giving out final numbers (which I heard was about $2 to $2.5 million).She said that a new audit staff would bring in millions in taxes from businesses that were cheating. Audit tax collections are down $2 million from where they were BEFORE she hired a consultant to "train" them in auditing!She said that her new Commissioner of Revenue would streamline and improve processing -- instead she screwed around and failed to get $10 or $15 million in checks into the bank by year end (which had NEVER happened in previous years). So DH creativley changed the city's cash rules to back date all the money and get it on the books! CYA.There was some strange stuff going on with the IRS after the missing tape fiasco. The IRS told Finance to correct poor security practices, did a follow up audit and Finance failed. The IRS no longer shares data with the city and took all the IRS tapes away. Finance is pretending like they don't know what the IRS has decided.Hinsvark's problem was that she thought that she could beat every one at any game -- including politics on the 29th floor. Right 8:49, she wasn't a "yes" toadie to Wayne; but she didn't understand business or politcs!Let's hope she DOES decide to do the right thing and bury Wayne. But I think she'll take the money (= bribe to keep quiet)from Wayne and laugh at us all the way to her Denver bank. Maybe this exit was the plan from the beginning -- after all, she never bothered to move to the city and she had been playing CFO for 2 years. . .
October 13, 2007 11:08 AM

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