Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Wayne Things That Make You Go Hummmmm

Wayne, how did Carol Coe's son get the minority bond counseling contract for the airport having absolutely no experience? This contract is worth a pot load of money and it's on-the-job training?

Wayne, when you came up with the tag line "We're on it" what exactly are we on? The take? the lam?

Wayne, exactly what does Ava Gardner do? We can't find a job description. And, she does it for how much money?


hunter s thompsen said...

She's an actress. Evidently not such a good one.

Anonymous said...

She does absolutely nothing on a daily basis. I'm still waiting for her to return an email I sent her 3 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Can someone list all the Denver transplants Wayne has successfully infiltrated under the radar screen throughout Kansas City? I just learned that the new E.D. for the Jazz Museum - the KANSAS CITY Jazz Museum is another Denverite. ANOTHER INSULT TO 18TH AND VINE. Can someone list in one place ALL the Denverites he has successfully snuck in here?