Thursday, January 10, 2008

Talk Back w/ Steve Rose

The Mayors had "Thee Interview" with Steve Rose last night and this has been critiqued/re-hashed by Tony's KC and Prime Buzz among others. Steve Rose has tempered with age, absolutely no hard questions or attitude that one usually gets from him. It's reassuring to know that Independence and Olathe are such big fan bases for the Mayors - they can't vote and don't pay property taxes and probably little in sales tax in KC so their voice is critical to KC's business. All we can say is - it's mortifying.
Moving beyond the bare feet, they continue to downplay the fact that Gloria is Theee Gatekeeper, many consider her the de-factor Chief of Staff - in which case, looking at our budget short fall we could do salary savings and elimnate Ed Wolf; it isn't just that she sits in on meetings - we hear that she has sat on the arm of his chair with her arm wrapped around him, she's patting his knee. Don't you think that is disconcerting for people trying to discuss their business with this adolescent behavior? What kind of an impression does this leave? How many people decide to forego talking to the Mayor because they don't want to deal with Gloria or can't get pass Gloria? It's not only where does Mark end and she begin, it's also where does Ed begin and end versus Gloria? And if the lap dance thing is not true - it's become part of the story and is perceived to be true, perception is reality.
This is very serious. We think it is time to call Dr. Phil. - Dr. Phil come home, leave Brittany and come home to help us with our developmentally delayed, tweeny Mayors with exhibitionist tendancies. You can bring your wife to talk to Gloria too.


CresceNet said...
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toadstool_watcher said...

Off subject, but the recent development regarding another pulled convention brings to stark reality what squit costs us. Way, way more than she is worth. The EEOC complaint will soon become a lawsuit that KCMO will lose. Who will pay the damages? Maybe her "boys" (that's her endearment for these grown men) will forgo their collective salaries to add a small drop in that looming large pot?

Anonymous said...

is this potentially the indictment that people have been talking about?

Anonymous said...

You're so busy going after the Funkhouser tree that you fail to see the Cauthen forest. Your blog is looking very insignificant lately.

Let Steve Rose, TKC and the Falling Star talk about prostates. Employees are more interested in the root cause of wasted taxpayer dollars and the hostile work environment at City Hall.