Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Butt Musings

It seems the international readers of the Washington Post are now up to speed on KCMO proctologists with 'sausage like fingers' and can rest easy that our Mayor has the prostate of a 30 year old. This surely will be a positive check mark on the assets column to those industries and businesses contemplating moving to the City of Fountains. And we can face the mortification of being the butt of jokes in international syndication or on national late night tv. However, how seriously are we going to be taken when the Mayor heads to Jefferson City to advocate for dollars or legislation. Will the Mayor be able to discern whether or not the smile on the politicians face is because they've struck a favorable deal for KC or is the smile because the politician is envisioning the Mayor's arse in the air. After 20-25 years of marriage Funk is inurred to his wife's social gaffs and lack of couth; it's unfortunate that the he's subjecting the rest of us. It's all just so mortifying.


toadstool_watcher said...

Mortifying and unnecessary. This wife adds absolutely nothing to Kansas City's leadership. She has taken power that she did not earn. She was known only within the confines of her home zone. She did not give back to our city in any way. Volunteerism was a new concept for her. She used it to enthrone herself in our City Hall. She is a user.
Local and regional politicians will not interact with the mayor. My friend to the east figures that this poor creature has only two rough years ahead of him to complete ANYTHING. I agree. A sitting mayor is usually a formidable opponent. People are reluctant to push them from office. Not so this guy. The race will be on early, like a year and a half out. There will be many candidates ... thank God.

Anonymous said...

there is ative work going on behind the scene on a recall effort.

Those you fooled said...

Mayor(s) please pay attention to this!!! Contrary to what you think, it is NOT just a few people who are disappointed and disgusted by you. We are a group of your former campaign workers - you know; the ones who collected signatures, delivered signs, donated our hard-earned dollars, answered phones, held meetings, attended your fund raisers and talked our heads off to anyone who would listen to get you elected. Now you act like it was just the two of you. Well, it WILL be next time. We don't tell you that you are a pair of comical, ungrateful, egotistical jackasses to your face: we've tried that and you won't listen. Sadly, Kansas City has its own Borat movie starring the two of you.
Deflate your heads. Gloria, go home. Kids, stay out of it. Mark, on the one hand you are a sniveling masochist where your wife is concerned, and on the other hand you're a hard-headed elitist where everyone else is concerned. You have managed to insult everyone, and your latest response to the media's question about the high-level employee being investigated for molesting a four-year old was appalling. You were quoted as saying you didn't know about it, but it was Wayne's employee anyway. What a cold, calculating, I might add transparent, way to try to show how incompetent you think the City Manager is, and how right you are about wanting him to leave. Is it really that hard for you to be gracious about something so utterly horrible as child molestation? We are horrified, and those of us composing this letter want to apologize to everyone we convinced to vote for you. We won't make that mistake again.

Dan said...

"recall" - the word that identifies the know-nothing blowhards. Cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to start working on the council. The mayor is a loss - give it up. Forget the recall, it will be too distracting and take so long it would be easier to work on electing someone new in three years. The best course is to put the heat on the new council to step it up and get to work...real work, not this play-acting they've been doing. Call them, hold them responsible, let them know what's going on and what you think about it. Make them do something for their pay!!! Forget about Funkhouser - his stuff is just clogging the arteries and keeping us distracted from expecting accomplishments in this city.