Saturday, January 5, 2008

1st District - Names To Ponder

1st District Names Tossed Into The Hypothetical Ring

1. Trent Skaggs - (If he moves into KCMO) - currently a State Rep. Some of our non-skunk friends have worked with him in Jefferson City on various pieces of legislation and find him to have integrity, talent, caring, bright

2. Becky Nace-Schumacher


Anonymous said...

Please - not Becky!!!! We've had enough of her, what did she do the last four years for anyone? She backed WC too! Keep thinking, there has to be a new name.

Anonymous said...

I think the correct question to ask about Becky is not "what" did she do but "who" did she do? We don't need councilpeople using city hall as a swinger's club.