Saturday, January 5, 2008

Query: What are you going to do with all these names?

The Question posed: "Question is what are you going to do with all these names? Somebody throws a name out in the Comments and you post it. So what?"

Three years is not very far away. We want people to start thinking about running for City Council more than six months before the elections.

We want to have a discussion of those persons whose names are tossed into the hypothetical ring to discuss their qualifications, merits, foibles and warts. It takes a lot of time and energy to raise $150,000.00 plus for a campaign run. A lot of good people decline to face that daunting task because they are approached too late in the game for a political novice.

We want to plant the seeds of possibilities; perhaps people who never thought of running for City Council may consider doing so.

And we want the current “F” Troop to have no doubts about the discontent there is for their demeanor (prima donas and dons); their middle school shenanigans, lack of creativity, lack of productivity, lack of sense, lack of research into issues, lack of commitment to the job they were elected to do vs working towards their next job or appointment.

Or do we want to recycle former councilpeople? Do we want Rowland or Glover or whomever back? Because it's easy, we know what we're getting? How is that democracy? How is that good for Kansas City?

And if we're not getting good candidates stepping forward why not? Should being a councilmember be a full time job with an appropriate pay scale? And if the current set up is a deterrent how do we fix it?

How can we help elect the kind of City Council we deserve? The City deserves, often times in spite of itself. How do we re-engage the electorate? Hopefully with a slate of fantastic candidates.

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