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This week on Leave it to Funkhouser…. Mike Burke and Tim Kristl decide to play a trick on their ol’ pal Funk. And why wouldn’t they?

both were working the phones and Burke was keeping post in the Council’s chambers during Infamous Thursday.-
both are developer attorneys that supported Al Brooks.-
both are on the board of the Citizens Association (there was a draft “position paper” from the Citizens Association floating around City Hall regarding Cauthen.)-
both are self-anointed “Northland Leaders.”-
both just got snubbed by Funkhouser (Kristl didn’t get his $1 million subsidy for Liberty Memorial from the Parks Board and Burke didn’t get the GSA for his client, the Port Authority, which means his firm won’t get $$$ in legal fees).

And if that doesn’t make for good TV, how about the newspaper?

The Thursday (12/27) Falling Star editorial (“Council members must explain decisions”) states, “That’s causing some (Northland) leaders to worry that breakaway votes on important issues will cause the region to appear politically isolated from the rest of the city.” Really? Could these so-called “Northland leaders” be, perhaps, Burke and Kristl up to business-as-usual?

It’s not that the Falling Star needs any outside encouragement to support Cauthen from any pretend leaders, North or South….it is already on the bandwagon: -

Dave Helling put in a Sunshine request for the e-mails with LT’s porn and they were given to him on Tuesday, 12/18, but his story on it is “held” for 10 days until the Falling Star is scooped by Mahoney.-Barb Shelly, a member of the Star E-Board, loves Cauthen, hates Funkhouser, can’t write worth a damn, and happens to be married to the Fallings Star’s Publisher. (So Funkhouser can’t have his wife at City Hall but the Star’s publisher can have his wife….wait, I’m confused.)-Last I heard, diverting public funds for personal use is a FELONY in Missouri. So the Pitch writes the article on Travelgate, but nothing from the Falling Star? (Even worse, the Council says, “It’s OK that Wayne did it, we do it too!”)-And oh, by the way, if anyone from the Falling Star is reading this, everyone at City Hall knows you got the dirt on MWH and CIMO and are censoring that story too. Are you interested Mahoney?

Which brings us to this episode’s typical conclusion, Just who is pulling Eddie “Haskell” Ford’s strings? Could it be Pat Gray?

Gray has been hungry since Kay Barnes left office. I hear her campaign for Congress isn’t using him because the D.C. Democrats said, “Go ahead and use Gray but you won’t get a dime from us.” (Sorry Pat. Is working out of your home not fun?)

Just who used Gray this last election? Seven of the Nasty Nine…that’s who: Ford, Jolly, Marcason, Riley, Curls, Sharp, & Gottstein.

“Gee Wally, that's swell!” Thanks for joining us! Tune in next week for another episode of Leave it to Funkhouser!


Garden Party Skunk said...

Correction from Barb Shelley

Hi. Could you please correct the post that says I am married to the Star's publisher?

Your blogger apparently has me confused with columnist Rhonda Cris Lokeman, who is married not to the publisher, but to the editor, Mark Zieman. (The publisher is Mac Tully, who would be surprised to learn he is married to either me or Rhonda.)

I'm married to a freelance sportwriter, who has no influence whatsoever on what goes on at the Star or City Hall.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could clear that up.


Barb Shelly
Columnist/editorial writer
Kansas City Star
(816) 234-4594

Anonymous said...

Even worse. The Falling Star admits that they read this now and isn't digging into anything. Of course, when you're tenured or whatever they have, I guess you don't have to earn your check anymore.

If this isn't legitimate, why would they care???

Anonymous said...

Barb, I am glad to see that someone from the Star admits to reading this blog.

Now, take it from an insider - 99% of what is on this blog is true; run with it and publish it.

p.s. The other 1% was the error made regarding your spouse.

Anonymous said...

Yes Barb. Everyone on this blog is an overpaid Collins lackey that wants to go back to the days of sleeping on the job.

Print that.