Thursday, November 1, 2007

To Be or Not To Be Skunks

To all who wrote your concerns we’ve been busy and busy musing and we’ve been thinking what we need to do with this blog.

It was quite a to-do at the Council meeting last week. Not a proud moment for many we would say.

Terry Riley’s thuggery needs to stop. He’s a verbal bully and still is not accomplishing anything of note. If he’s interested in a political legacy he’s running out of time and allies. He’s a smart man who could have done a lot of good. Unfortunately he chose to play the games.

We started this blog for several reasons. One reason was to have a safe place for good City Employees to vent their frustrations, disappointments, rage etc because personally, I don’t want to lose any more good people, good and true and talented civil servants. We thought we could be the release on the pressure cooker.

We also thought we could be an instrument for positive change not solely an “Agony Aunt” venue. We have a metropolitan newspaper that for political and economic reasons has essentially opted out of any true investigative reporting. People had great hopes for the piece they did on the Citadel mess but the editor(s) whimped out or the reporters did a half-ass job or both. So the Star is not a help.

We have an impotent internal auditor, so there is no recourse there.

We have a new, naïve, inexperienced, gullible, uncourageous City Council. And of course, then there’s Gloria, Mark & Tara……

We hoped that this blog would entice, encourage those who have the power to change City Hall by exposing the abuses, the incompetence, the thievery, oh, the thievery. And this is not happening. Those who have the power to ‘fix’ City Hall have chosen to stay silent in their hell and want to be rescued. Nobody can ‘rescue’ you if you don’t give us something to hold on to.

We know there is suspicion that there is no true pornography on LT’s computer. It could be just incredibly poor taste or poor judgment. If true, what does this say about Wayne fueling the fire, adding to the intrigue and suspicions with blocking access to the computer, threatening Roy etc? If true, LT is still guilty of using City property in an inappropriate manner and as an Assistant City Manager her punishment should be more severe.

It doesn’t help anyone when a City employee writes in to the GPSs with stories of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, bullying bordering on violence, stealing (everything from padding the expense accounts to walking off with equipment, or using equipment for a private business or running a business on city time with city equipment etc) and then say “But you can’t print this because they’ll know I’m the one who told you.” What do you want us to do with this information? As we’ve stated before, you are a participant in the creation of your own reality. If it’s awful – then you have to take the risk to facilitate the change that you want.

This Mayor and City Council need a 2x4 between their eyes ‘to get it’. Watergate had ‘Deep Throat’ who led the investigators to the smoking guns. We need the same thing. Whether it’s this blog, the Star or going to the State Auditor’s office.

We skunks, want to be agents of change to help make City Hall the environment it can and should be for the sake of the citizens of Kansas City and for those who choose to be civil servants. We’re not interested in being the Ann Landers of the blogs.

Wayne Cauthen has been the focus because we are a strong City Manager form of government. If the head is corrupt and incompetent the body follows. We know there are others who deserve attention. We did not want energies to be diluted we wanted to focus on the most important position. Unless the City Manager changes, nothing else changes or gets fixed.

The Citizens of KC have very critical issues to deal with that will cost us all Billions of dollars. We need the best leadership and the best team to pull this off. If Wayne’s not the man then what can we do?. What are you willing to do?

We can be the diamond of the Midwest – or we can be west Detroit or Denver East – whichever you prefer. It’s up to you.

So this takes us back to the opening. To be or not to be the Agony Aunt or to be or not to be a viable tool facilitating change for true blue civil service and making Kansas City government the envy of all, not the laughing stock, wink, wink, nod, nod (for the Monty Python fans out there) corrupt joke we’ve are now.

We’re close to completing setting up a series of forwarding mail services. But before we pay for all of this – we need to know from you whether or not we should continue to be the Skunks at the Garden Party of KCMO City Hall. Let us know – let’s do a poll.


Gloria S. said...

The great PORN Witch-hunt is over! Say it ain't so. Skunky finally came to his/her senses. Now let's see if the Mayor, Council (i.e. Skaggs & Herman) and the internal auditor can do the same.

As for poor judgement....I've had dealings with LT and hold her in the highest regard. She is one City employee who goes above an beyond the call of duty.

Let's put all this BS behind us and mvoe on....try to do some good for the

Anonymous said...

You are a coward and deserve to be fired and sued for your slander and hate. You need professional help! Go back in your stink hole

funkytown said...

Skunk, you never had an ounce of integrity or you wouldn't have hidden behind this lame blog. If you ever wanted to change a thing in City Hall you would have let yourself be known and provided the Star (and the Council you so readily insult) with credible information. Instead, you opened the flood gates for powerless bureaucrats to churn an ineffective and stupid rumor mill.

Now, you've proven that you have absolutely zero credibility as well. Apparently, it is very easy to go on a witch hunt and attack individuals from your anonymous post, but it appears you were wrong.

Skunk, GO AWAY. You stink.

P.S. I am a KCMO taxpayer and I request that you all get back to work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course the "Powers that Be" want you to stop. But for all of us on the outside looking in, we know that it is too much corruption inside city hall, especially the 29th floor. You just put out what we all thought. Keep it up Skunk, until the deceivers pack up and are out of the building. Put your shoes on and step!! The Bumpkins are out of their league. I am glad to know they can read.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh Mommy can't read. that's not how you spell move. And she wants to run this city?? You're right, Bumpkins please leave.

Anonymous said...
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Foghorn said...

You HAVE to keep it up. It is about the only outlet we have and our only hope. BUT, while I agree that people need to step up, the skunks themselves remain anonymous. We have families to feed as well. Just as the skunks must (and you must) hide behind anonymity, so must the rest of us who are prisoners to this prison camp they call a city government.

Yes, we can just quit. It's somehow right to take a pay cut, lose a pension, lose health coverage, etc. so these tyrants can rule. Or, we seek and support this blog as a means of screaming from the rooftops that things are corrupt, to put it mildly, and only hope that someday, somebody empowered to stop it, will.

What other hope do we have? Take a pay cut/loss and they win. Step up publicly, and they fire us. After all, that's what they want is to exercise their power over our every move.

Who, by the way, is going to fix it? Funkhouser? He knows what's going on, but has done nothing. Wayne - He's the head of the snake. Even if he himself were above reproach, he allows these things to occur on his watch, it's his responsibility. City Council - They aren't going to do ANYTHING until they've got "appropriate" digs from which to rule.

Folks, we're not making this stuff up. I'm not a skunk, but I am a city employee who give's 100% (and more) for this city. I (we pee-ons) believe in what we do. We believe in providing city services and programs. Unfortunately, the management is far more concerned with kingdom building than services. I have NEVER participated in a meeting that was about IMPROVING City Service. Only about how we can enlarge our departments or sphere of influence OR how we can increase revenues. We don't know why we need it, but this program or that will increase revenue, so we must pursue it. That's what matters. You, the citizens who pay for it all, are WAY down the list of priorities.

Keep it up skunks. Keep the pressure on. We are behind you. Ignore these people. They want to choose their reality instead of observe what's happening right in front of them.

Anonymous said...

funny...10:55 anonymous calls the GPS a coward.

this gets a hearty AMEN. as one of those in the system working to control what i can, i am sick and tired of all the people who have no guts to stick their neck out and pass along information they know shows illegal or improper use of tax dollars.

WC is winning becuase all the chickens are hiding in the barn of the coop. give it up.

martin luther, patrick henry, lech welesa, boris yeltsin, the tianemen square protesters in 89 ALL PUT THEIR LIVES ON THEIR LINE fighting tyrants. same here, if you have the goods, figure out a way to get copies of them out. the city auditor's office is on 21. otherwise, quit your complaining and continue to allow this city to go into the toilet through your apathy!

that's what most of the taxpayers expect you bureacrats to do anyways. play chicken and cash your paychecks. if you had skills, you could always find another job.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's wife wants you to go away. How about the freedom of speech the mayor respects so much with his infamous park board appointment. I say keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Obviously from the looks of the first 3 responses, the 29th floor is still very threatened by this blog. I wonder why they think the porn watch is over, because I think it has just begun. I'm confused why they're so mad at Skaggs & Hermann. Skaggs just woke up and did what we've all been waiting for the council to do. Hermann didn't even comment on it. Awful lot of protesting for an innocent person. I wonder how many people agree that LT should be held in the "highest regard" or that she goes "above & beyond the call of duty." Sounds like self-aggrandizing comments to me.

Anonymous said...

Yoko Squitiro is now posting on NRFPB?

How insecure can one individual be?

If she wants to do some good for the City, she should stay home.

Northland Nelly said...

Well, I wonder why my councilman Russ Johnson went after planner Bob Langencamp in his committee this week. Was it because of his altruistic vision for a better Kansa sCity? Or was it because Russ's campaign manager would stand to get a HUMONGUS contract if the company chosen didn't get the job. Russ? Do you know who is the skunk?

is the skunk a hypocrite? said...

As it has been stated ad nauseum, the smelly ones are trying to shed light on all of the corruptness in City Hall. Then explain this...why now? Wasn't all of the same stuff happening when Bob Collins was City Manager? How else would HNTB get millions in no bid contracts from the City AND Vicki now WORKS for HNTB. I'm no mathematician, but I think I know how that adds up. And she is heading up Light Rail too, very interesting. And this is just one example. Seems to me, the skunk's real problem is the change in leadership, not politics.

Kay B. said...

I'm hoping LT will become the second female mayor of Kansas City. We wouldn't have wanted WC to come to town without her. I say bravo LT, you tell these skunks off.

rexruther said...

It's time to shut down this ridiculous excuse for a blog. The skunks need to get back to work, continue to do their jobs, and get on board with improving our great city.

Fearless Leader said...

Your blog MUST continue. See more tales of City corruption from a far-flung outpost in southeast K.C. at

foghorn said...

I've already addressed my standing on this blog. It is an essential outlet. I want to address some of those comments I see here.

First, this bias that seems directed at public employees. "Get back to work", "Get a real job", etc. You people tick me off. Your arrogance disgusts me. I have worked in government for 20+ years. Yes, there are those workers who are just looking for a paycheck or couldn't find any other job. Show me a "real job" or "real company" that doesn't. But, more often than not, I've encountered people who are the very best at what they do ANYWHERE! They CHOOSE to work for the government for any number of reasons. A sense of service. Job security. Solid benefits. A pension (but we have to do the time). Integrity. Yes, integrity. That's why the corruption is so disturbing.

Look folks, there's nothing wrong with chasing the dollar. There's nothing wrong with always looking for your next job, moving from job to job as new, different opportunities come along. Some folks are just put together different. I value the relationships I make in the workplace and want to maintain them. Just like most people buy cell plans with LOTS of minutes so their bills are consistent, I LIKE getting a paycheck every 2 weeks and knowing how much it will be. Personally, I'm not happy chasing the next sale. That doesn't make me lazy, stupid, or incompetent. It makes me an individual.

Again, I don't fault the dollar, but I much prefer to help somebody who really needs it and appreciates it for nothing, then sell my service to somebody who could help themselves, just chooses not to. I have no problem with those that sell their services, but personally, myself and many other city employees, just prefer the personal rewards more than the financial rewards.

From my observation, I would consider my own attitude/reward system pretty typical of the middle managers I know.

The group this blog addresses are the upper managers. Those that are driven solely by power and a lust for more. Those, put in place or retained, ultimately by the city manager. These are the leaders who view their jobs as their personal kingdoms, their staffs as slaves, the taxpayers as their subjects, all of whom exist to advance their kingdoms. Most don't even seem concerned with more money, but are driven by more power.

These are the mini-kings who don't even think about working a full day. They carry blackberries so the "on-call" status is somehow worth about 3 hrs a day "work time". These are the kings who are immune to workplace policies regarding sexual harassment, workplace violence, government purchasing. These folks, most in the 6 figure income group, don't even blink an eye about packing up computers to use at home because they "might" work on some city paperwork at home (who doesn't). These are the people who drive city cars on family vacations because they "might" get a call to come to work. These are the folks who throw equipment in the trash so they can get the newest and latest instead of waiting for replacement cycles. These are the people who threaten physical harm to their staff if impossible deadlines are not met.

What would you "know it alls" have us do? I'd like to know. Step forward? To who? We know we will be fired, or worse, harassed beyond endurance for speaking up. Experience has shown us (read this blog) that even when they are "caught", nothing is done and they are thus empowered to become more abusive and bold in their behavior. I am unaware of any disciplinary action taken against these micro-kings for anything EXCEPT ticking off a bigger king. Stealing from the city. No problem. Not showing up for days on end. No problem. Showing obscene videos in staff meetings. No problem. Challenge a bigger king - You're outta here!

So, why the blog? Why now? Why not during previous administrations? Well, blogs weren't around then. The same thing was going on, just not as publicly.

Why blog? Somewhere out there we continue to hope for a reporter, city council member, state legislator, somebody of integrity who will shine the light of truth on City Hall happenings. Here, now you look down your noses at city employees and fault us for complaining. Someday, when things do come out in the open, you'll look down those same pompus noses at us for allowing it to go on. Doesn't it hack you off that while you're paying your way through life, these people are using your tax-dollars to pay for their cars, computers, cable tv, houses, and more ON TOP of six figure incomes?

So, what would you have those of us who know first hand of the abuse and corruption of YOUR government do? Sacrifice our jobs, our families' well-being to see nothing done? I know, we should quit and get "real jobs" and just let it go on to yet another generation of city employees who "can't get a real job".

Look at the posts here. Witch-Hunt. Coward. Slander. Skunk has no integrity - Talk about the pot calling the kettle! Ineffective and stupid rumor mill (must be a little effective or they wouldn't care about it). Bumpkins. These are the enlightened ones that will lead us out of the darkness?

Anonymous said...

The porn witch hunt is over? It is? I haven't seen where it was over?

Do I take that to mean that "Gloria S" knows first hand that investigations by The Star or auditors has ended and it was all a fabrication?

Did I miss a post somewhere?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing you d-bags have contributed to bettering City Hall. Go away please-nobody really cares to hear what you have to say.

Go Skunk said...

I love this blog-I only wish Woodward and Bernstein of Watergate were available and not so old.

Skunk, why must everyone assume you are a unhappy insider or disgrunted fired employee?

To the rest of the non-city hall employees, i.e, taxpayers (which city hall staff pay as well)firing from city hall is not a lightly taken endeavor. After probation, it takes repeated violation of established policy with very strong documentation. However, instances of violation of policies such as violence in the work place, theft of city property, mis-use of city property (porn on the computer, city car at strip club, etc)receipt of bribery, gets termination rather promptly-but not without all the due processes of hearings and appeals. (You're off the payroll but can be re-instated with back pay if your termination is overturned.) So if Skunk was a fired city staffer then Skunk had to be pretty awful or not able to get a good lawyer. Personally, I think Skunk is just an outraged citizen with good connections. But what do I know, I only spent 100 years (felt that way last 2) in the place.

Vive La Skunk!

Anonymous said...

If this blog is all fiction, it is very strange that so many are so upset about it. Perhaps they protest too much?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone not want to follow up on the corruption alleged throughout this blog? Must be Waynettes and Toadies trying to divert your attention. Only the guilty would want the skunks to leave the taxpayer-funded garden party.

Anonymous said...

I think LT has authored a whole lot of responses on this issue. Come out come out wherever you are LT!

Anonymous said...

Hey, did anyone see the levee trail resolution? How cool would that be to have levee trails here!!! Too bad WC doesn't care about anything outside of downtown and had to be ordered to do this.

Legislation #: 071159 Introduction Date: 10/25/2007
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Directing the City Manager to submit a plan within 90 days to open levees owned and/or maintained by the City for public recreational usage.

Skunk, can you start a countdown on this? What happens if the CM doesn't come through?

What about this one? Can you keep a running total of all the resolutions and timeframe so we can start seeing how WC is doing at following City resolutions?
Legislation #: 071124 Introduction Date: 10/18/2007
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 11/1/2007
Title: Directing the City Manager to immediately establish a plan to address engineering vacancies and directing the City Manager to report this plan to the City Council within 45 days of the approval of this resolution.

Viva le skunk said...

Foghorn - Thank for such an eloquent response on behalf of all city employees. And to those of you that challenge the significance of this blog, I ask what would you have us do? As Foghorn says, we are at risk if we challenge the status quo. Heck, many of us have been warned against reading much less responding to this blog. All we can do is try to provide an awareness of what is going on and hope that someone - PLEASE SOMEONE - will have the courage to step up and look into these issues.

And if the mayor's wife, Gloria S. above (if it is really the Mayor's wife - and hey, I love the Yoko Squitiro reference) is so enamored of LT, it's only because she and the CM are stroking her humongous ego while they're laughing at her behind her back. But what do you expect for a politically naive ego maniac? What a power struggle that will be when it eventually erupts.

And to Anonymous 12:25 pm, if you don't like what's being said on this blog, then don't read it. Your criticisms are hollow and are probably representative of the fact that you'll be one of the 'fallen' ones when the truth comes out.

Keep it up, skunk! We're with you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (November 3, 2007 10:41 P.M.)

Interesting you should mention the vacancy resolution. I think WC will address this one quickly. While yes, the positions have been vacant for some time, they will disappear shortly. The positions have been held empty to demonstrate a budget savings each year, “See we are doing more with less”, by the departmental leadership. Now that the momentum of the efforts of the once larger staff are running low, the leadership is now planning to cut them. The very same people who forced them to remain vacant in the first place are the ones criticizing managers for leaving them vacant and using the length of the vacancy as justification to cut them. So who is left to design, build and manage all of the needed capital improvements, the ones who have been carrying on all along. This situation will not last forever, the burn out rate will increase and productivity will fall off and vacancies will return. Is this just an impossible situation the city manager is creating to justify bringing back his hired and overpaid consultants from Denver? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Skunk, I think that you are doing a great services to the citizens and to the true city employees who have been loyal over the years.

What do you think WC will do if the 1% Capital Sales Tax does not pass? Since he and Phil Yelder both have bonuses that ride on how many capital tax dollars are spent.

Let's not forget about the all mighty creation of CIMO. This was done by WC, with which over $15 million went to his buddies MWH in Denver. CIMO existence relies on capital sales tax dollars. Without projects they have no money to pay for all the employees that they have. Their project list keeps getting smaller, but they keep hiring people left and right. I do feel that a state audit is warranted since the CIMO accounting is always "borrowing" funds from project accounts to cover other project accounts until they have more monies coming in. Isn't illegal to be using the Safety and Fire Sales tax for sidewalk, bridges, street projects, etc. (you get my drift).

You are also correct that the loyal city employees who values their jobs and loved to come to work everyday, no longer enjoy that. Your experienced professionsl in City Hall are looking to leave, because of what is happening on the 29th, 26th and 24th floors. Honest true city employees are being shoved to the side or step over, if they do not mold or conform to WC way of thinking or the CIMO way. City Hall needs a major overall of those City employees that have been brought in in the past 4 years under WC administration. And there needs to be a total recall for the 9 Freshmen of the City Council as well. They don't have a clue. Who does Russ Johnson think he is, God? God he is not, but maybe someone needs to tell him that and he needs to get off the mountain top that he has put himself on. The only reason that Russ Johnson is on the Council is because no one else ran against him.

Keep up blog! More power to you.

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop! This seems to be the only place that people feel free to talk about what is happening to them and others around them. We all know if we try to change things inside the Hall that bad things will happen to us and then we will be gone.

Things must and HAVE to change on the 29th floor for this city to be able to go forward with their heads raised high.

Skunk I praise you!

Anonymous said...

There is a stench at City Hall, but it isn't you, skunks. Every day there are violations of ordinances, policies and procedures. Positions are created for certain people; vacancies are filled in complete disregard for the merit system. Promotions are promised to the few chosen, productivity is stagnant. Some supervisors will give only a 2 percent raise no matter what an employee's performance is - just to keep it "fair." So, why should someone work for more efficiency? Some departments are dynasties, with little to no accountability. Most departments are run by mental dwarfs, who just want to keep their salaries and perqs. HR really doesn't enforce their policies; maybe they don't have enforcement authority. That means the policies and procedures they preach are just suggestions (which is exactly what they are). How come the mayor's wife gets to interview people for vacancies, and can ask questions like, "How old are you?" The mayor said it right; she does whatever she wants. The Health Dept. promotes people who aren't qualified for their position, and then grants are mishandled. Parks is the mess it has always been, with a self-serving board overseeing the expenditure of more than $50 million a year. The director made no bones about who he thought should retire in the last incentive, but didn't realize that most people thought he should go, too. He is one of an old board's golden boys, who has consistently mismanaged service and construction contracts, and gotten the city into several law suits. Where's the repercussions?
Then there's public works, with the invisible director. Finance has always had issues, not the least of which has been claims of discrimination. Then there's WCs prize, CIMO. Who knows all the details of that secret organization? Someone was fired from there a few weeks ago, based on some allegations that are most likely not true. Any justice? No. Most of all, the Hall is filled with good employees doing what they can to make things better, but getting little to no direction or support from upper management. Just keep quiet until the sales tax passes - we wouldn't want the public go know how messed up we are, right?. It stinks all right, to hear that those at the top with the highest pay and biggest perqs get annual increases way beyond standards, and most employees can't even keep up with the cost of living. The "system" at city hall is perverse. They play at public service by putting in expensive phone systems, the red flag hotline, all the bells and whistles, but upper management doesn't know how to make any of it work. They just do what sounds good. I thought it couldn't get any worse then the last administration, but this one is a close tie.

Anonymous said...

This is the time the blog HAS to remain vital. What has happened to the leadership in both corners of our City's 29th floor? We, as voters, have a voice because of this blog, and it is imperative we continue to keep our elected officials fully informed of our views on their leadership, integrity, character and values that entitle them - and the chief executive officer they employ on our behalf - to make decisions - and their performance on making them - on the issues of this billion dollar corporation they sought the privilege of governing and we extended to them.

This blog is an ongoing focus group of truly committed public servants and they would be foolish not to be listening closely to those of us who put great thought and care into our comments - not the one liners and hate mongerers who throw barbs or self aggrandizing transparent remarks. Listen, council members. You have good, solid constituent feedback here.

Finally, there's great self-contradiction in some of these comments. We want council members to ask the hard questions, challenge the status quo, challenge WC and study the issues. Then in the next breath, the same writer will criticize Russ Johnson for doing exactly these things. This is what that behavior looks like. Change agents are abherrent in a system. They look different than everyone around them. That's the point. If you want culture change in a stubborn bureaucracy, you have to be purposeful in creating change and reward the change agents, not criticize them. The problem is, there is no culture or system change taking place, so Russ Johnson is like a salmon swimming upstream all by himself. Those of us on this blog who are fighting for changing City Hall should be encouraging and championing his efforts, not discouraging him. He is by far, the only council member who attempts to read as much as is humanly possible of the volumes of what they are given. That's why he has the questions he has.

Before you jump to calling him naive - listen to what he tries to do - consider him a change agent, and see if it resonates at all. At least he has the guts to open his mouth and have an opinion, unpopular or not. If we bloggers are unable or uncomfortable attaching our names to our own comments, I hand it to Councilman Johnson for putting forward every issue he questions. That's what change agents do - not career bureaucrats.

so sad said...

If City Hall were a Fortune 500 company, you would all be looking for jobs, instead of complaining about the job you have. GET OVER IT.

This is like one big pity party. Lame.

Anonymous said...

9:39 am - if this were a private company at all, it would have been belly up a long time ago. It would never make the Fortune 500.

Anonymous said...

10:58 pm - you find contradiction where there is none. Russ - is that you?? Asking hard questions is good, but grandstanding, insulting people, and trying to make a name for yourself at the expense of others is not.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention November 6, 2007 7:04 PM before you make another stupid point.

Johnson faced Pam Mason (long time Clay County government office holder/leech) and Chris Byrd (2004 Missouri Attorney General candidate) who both had tremendous name ID, outworked them, and won. He, Marcasson, and Gottstein were the only ones that had to work to knock off more than one opponent in the primary and then had a serious candidate in the general (Carol Coe is not a serious candidate!).

signed not Russ Johnson

Anonymous said...

9:39 a.m. is obviously LT again, do you ever work LT? No, didn't think so.

Gloria S. said...

As I originally said the witch-hunt is over.

Will all you pathetic losers get back to work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When is Mayor going to realize that he has a time bomb ticking right outside his office? Does he know what his wife calls the two black women that work on HIS staff. Mammie and Bernie Mac! Enough is enough Mayor you need to tell your wife to go home and stay home! The citizens of KC elected you to the Mayoral position not your wife! Now that these racist names have been made public by a discrimation complaint to the EOC, then I think you need to WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk a little bit more about CIMO. Did you know that Dumb and Dumber are running the show on the 17th floor. The state auditors need to come in an do an indepth investigation of their book keeping. Haven't the Kansas City, Missouri Police, brought up enough questions about their money disappearing?! One would think that this would perk up some ears around City Hall and the State, since the Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Governor. How is CIMO spending your tax dollars? Catered in breakfasts, lunches and snacks, Christmas parties where alcohol was served at a CIMO employee staff meeting/holiday party. Did MWH really help the City by pushing out construction projects that were not ready to go out for bid? How about contract employees that make $100 and hour?

I think some attention needs to be directed towards the CIMO organization which is under the management of the City Manager. Oh, and let's not forget that he gets a bonus for every capital dollar that is spent. Wake up City Council and get rid of the WC. He is raping the citizens of KC and you are letting him get by with it by considering to renew his contract!!! Hello! You nice freshman council people need to look at the big picture and quit thinking of yourselves for just a moment and ask yourselves "What is in the best interest for the City of Kansas City, Missouri?"

Anonymous said...

You think it is over, but many others are still waiting to hear the outcome and see the needed justice. gloria s., you should be worried about the recall not the porn at this time.

Anonymous said...

I will bet big money that Gloris S. is LT. And the witch hunt may or may not be over - but the really hilarious thing is that she apparently outed herself at Thursday's Business Session (her attorney stood up quite publicly to demand he & LT be included in their closed session) and by Friday 980 radio station told her story (including her full name LATRISHA UNDERHILL) on the news!!! Now whether the lame WC does anything or not the whole city knows she's a porn lover! Sometimes when you protest to much life comes around to bite you in the backside (maybe she would like a picture of that on her computer too!)

Anonymous said...

Dave Helling reports at the Star's Blog about Riley's behavior on an October 30th flight back from Chicago that resulted in airport police being called. Think "shoplifter steals merchandise, leaves the store, then gets busted but is allowed to pay for merchandise to avoid arrest because he's a VIP". Sounds like he was given some preferential treatment by Airport Police and American Airlines, doesn't it? We all know with an ego as big as this one's, that his inflated head wouldn't fit into a lowly coach seat.

Has anyone out there that deals with the "first class" idiot noted behavior that makes them question whether there's been some mind-altering substance abuse going on? Slurred speach... loss of train of thought... paranoia... delusions of grandeur ;-) City employees must subject to drug tests upon reported suspicious behavior. How about elected officials?

Anonymous said...

7:42 I have a very important question.

Is Davis Jeff Daniels or Jim Carrey?