Monday, November 19, 2007

"Leadership is action, not position" Donald H. McGannon

Submitted by Sir Humphrey Appleby

To the Mayor, City Council, and citizens of Kansas City,

As a long-term City employee, I cannot understand the lack of leadershipthat is being exhibited by the current Mayor and Council. You have beenpresented with multiple examples of racial impropriety and downright insubordination, yet you do nothing.
There have been some very disturbing allegations involving pornography on City computers and the use of racially offensive "nicknames" for members of the Mayor's staff. How can this behavior be condoned? Why is it acceptable fors ome people to get away with this sort of behavior and not others? All Ican say is "thank goodness" that most City employees have the good sense andawareness to know that neither of these types of behavior belong in the workplace. But again I ask, who's in charge here? I have always supported a City Manager form of government, and I think the ridiculous behavior of the current mayor and his wife bears out why this provides us a protection of sorts. But, where is the protection when the City Manager also decides to flout the policies and conventions that provide civility to this organization? How do you set a standard for the community and have any credibility, when you cannot set the standards of behavior for this organization? Regarding the pornography issue, it either exists or it doesn't. If you, the Council, feel that adequate documentation has been provided, then you owe it to yourselves, the other City employees, and the citizens to direct the City Manager to follow the dictates of the established City policy with this employee. If she's smart enough to be an Assistant City Manager, then she sure as hell better know how to read a City policy and know the difference between right and wrong; otherwise what qualifies her to do her assigned job? If the City Manager refuses to appropriately and adequately follow through on this established policy, then he, too, should be dealt with. We, the employees don't see the problem -it seems pretty cut and dry to us. If it were any one of us, how likely do you think it would be that we would get to argue our case in a closed sessionbefore the City Council or intimidate you with racial tyranny?
Mr. Mayor, I understand that your position is that you think you can'manage' the City Manager into doing what you want done and what you think needs to be done. On what do you predicate this position? You can't even handle your wife's dangerously stupid antics and Wayne Cauthen is intelligent enough to dance circles around Gloria. I voted for you twice because I thought that your experience in this organization would provide you the perspective to see the destruction in this City and in this organization that has been waged from the 29th Floor. But, unfortunately, because of your unfortunate decision to not cut the apron strings, you and your spouse are in the unenviable, unfathomable, and unconscionable position of putting this City into yet another the center of yet another racially-based circus. And you think that you can' handle the City Manager? You can't even control or counter the three Councilmembers who insist on framing every issue within the context of race. I think that it's time you wake up and smell the coffee! About the only way that you can redeem yourself at this point would be to stand up to the City Manager. You're the only one who can and I think that you'd be surprised that others would stand behind your leadership in doing so.
Allowing this arrogance to continue is unacceptable. What kind of example does this set for the rest of us City employees? Why should we strive to do our best when incompetence, waste, and a**-kissing has been rewarded time and time again, and diligence and hard work apparently account for nothing in this organization.
Someone needs to step up. There is all kinds of talk about recall elections for the Mayor and members of the City Council. It's not yet too late, but the time to act is now.

Will Rogers: "Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there."


toadstool_watcher said...

My friend,
you are beating your head against a brick wall. This current council, including the Mayor, will not take a stand on good government. We will see them run amok. There is no voting bloc to curtail the fools. We do have three, possibly four sitting members who are trying to bring order into a chaotic chamber. God bless them. But this is just what Dr. Cauthen wanted. He will continue to have an unfettered hand in city business. As for the Squitiro blight. I think she is perfect at her post. Like a gargoyle, she is a visible reminder of our good votes gone awry. She stands for the futility of this council. She is our bizarro-earth-mother. Only she has the power to decide to leave. I like the thought that she holds Kansas City hostage to bad taste, poor upbringing and possible illegal employment issues.. Maybe we will get off our collective rears and oust them out.

Gloria's Operative said...

How do you expect to earn a pinch on the ass when you write something as disloyal as that?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the the two gals from Jeff City can't take a crap without complaining how it looks like there's one toilet labeled for them and another cleaner one for everyone else.

IT'S PATHETIC THESE 2. How is the City ever going to move forward when the "establishment" and Freedom Inc. keeps pushing their racism and the City tax dollars into their and their cohorts bank accounts.

I don't know how the citizens of the 3rd and 5th district will ever better their neighborhoods when their "leadership" continues to embarass them. At least there is some hope that the KCMO school district will finally realize that they are failing and will get some true leaders who get the right people in place and fire all the deadweight collecting salaries doing "administration" rather than teaching our future generation.

This City can be great or it can be Detroit. Too bad these 2 are so backward looking that it will continue to stall the progress and re-development from the private sector that is sprouting all throughout the city.

toadstool_watcher said...

Oh, I don't know. Cathy Jolly may be fresh from Jeff City, but she is trying. As for 3rd and 5th district, I have some hope from Cindy Circo. Sharp seems to just want to show that he beat the odds.

Anonymous said...

5:22 - I hate to be rude about Cathy, but she has spent most of her term out sick, though no fault of her own, let's not give credit where credit is not due. She's done nothing yet. I'm waiting to see where her actions lay before I make a determination.

Anonymous said...

The political climate at City Hall is at an all-time low. I would give anything to have Barnes back on the 29th Floor. She represented our City with class and sophistication. Yes, she was a spend-o-holic, but the results are right in the core of our downtown. I am embarrassed beyond description at the Funks and this current City Council. I know there are a few good apples on the Council, but they are sorely outnumbered, thus powerless to enact the changes that need to occur.

Anonymous said...

Give the Council a chance. When they gel, they are going to really get things done. As for Funk, he is in an unenviable position. If he so much as suggests to his wife that she might be more helpful elsewhere, much less fire her from her undeserved position of power, it will be a nuclear holocaust. It's either his marriage or his career; both will not work. I think he'll eventually opt for the Squit, but I also think we'd have to pry his clutching hands from his office on 29. Three and a half more years can't go quickly enough. And, City employees, even if he keeps a campaign promise about giving you deserved pay increases in, say, the last few months of his term, take the pay and vote him out. He has betrayed you so far - paybacks can be gratifying.

toadstool_watcher said...

Oh Lord, I have payed for my indiscretion in rallying my family and friends to vote for Squat. Thanksgiving festivities eventually included discussions about our governments. ALL of them. We are semi divided on which presidential contender will be best, we hope Blunt has an early political death and EVERYONE, save the most flaky member, berated me for campaigning for Funk. They mostly took my advice and voted for him. They are hopping mad about wasting their votes. A recall of mayor Squat is an attractive option for my well educated, extended family and circle of friends. The spin from the offices of Squit and squat is that every Mayor has had horrible first years in office. The kinks worked out for most. Well.... that's if you take an honest look at yourself. No holds barred. And if you listen to advice from your remaining supporters. At this point the only ones hanging around this dying tree are faithful souls. But even that will wear away.
Listen up Funk, send your dear wife home. She continues to call staff Mammy. She continues to play up to certain staffers to align them with her. Do you need a divided staff? That's what you have right now. I have been married only thirty years. But in that time span I have never belittled my spouse in public, or cut my spouse off at the knees.