Friday, November 16, 2007

A Countdown for Recall?

This was posted by Toadstool Watch on 11/15/07 t 11:30 am
Nuts and bolts.
1. How many signatures do we need?
2. How is this divided between the counties?
3. Do we start a political action committee to take this needed action?
4. Are city employees barred from signing or distributing a petition?
5. Next steps...organizing this effort. Can we put together an online meeting?
6. Can there be an online poll to count the initial participants?
7. And last, aside from city hall hierarchy, who else would work against this action?

We skunks will work out the math on signatures per county. Let's hear responses to the other questions.
As to the question of "Who else would work against this action?" we would venture almost anyone in this city that has something to lose with the Hooterville Trio and the Denver Vampires.
The flip side of this is who do we know that would run for Mayor that would be an honest, capable leader? Any names to throw into our imaginary Mayor's ring? (How about Ed Wolf - just kidding)


Anonymous said...

It is all outlined in Prime Buzz... You need to get all signatures within a month. Best way to get most signatures is a large banner outside of Arrowhead for last two home games.

Anonymous said...

I think you also have to have a replacement candidate chosen...
I say we need Al Riederer.

Anonymous said...

Arrowhead will give you volume, but "quality" (registered K.C. voters) will be so-so.

Best quality is on election day outside of polling places (25+ feet from the door), but you'll need a lot of canvassers.

You can get 10 extra days if you don't get enough.

The billboard industry got even more because the City Clerk failed to tell them how many more they needed. Bet she won't do that again.

Anonymous said...

God not Riederer!!!

The sad thing is there is no one in the public eye qualified to lead this City.