Monday, July 23, 2007

Parks Board - Another Thorn For The Rose Garden

I heard via the grapevine that the administrative staff were dancing in the hallways upon the Funk’s appointments to the Park’s Board. They were afraid that one or more of their detractors or nemeses might have been appointed; then the skeletons would come tumbling out of closets. However, the relieved jocularity might be short-lived when P&R realizes what they’ve lost with Hubby, Hubbette & Child Tara’s cavalier appointments to the Board. By soothing his childhood scars (living at the bottom of the coal slag and the mine owner lives at the top of the hill), with his remarks on elitism - the Funk has jeopardized a tremendous funding source for P&R.

It is private donations from the ‘elite” that supports much of the award winning Loose Park, it is private donations that help fund Liberty Memorial, the upkeep and maintenance of many of our signature fountains, the KC Zoo and even private funds contribute to Starlight. Thousands and thousands of dollars that come from the ‘elite’ he seems to disdain. Not one of these current appointees have entree to the demographic, yes, class, of our society who have the dollars to invest private dollars in the infrastructure of our parks and cultural amenities. Not one of these appointments has the social capitol, credibility or peer relationships necessary for “the ask.” And if they do show some moxie to ask, why would the funders invest in them, there is no quid pro quo here. So when P&R starts putting their budget together for 2008-2009 – they may be asking for more money to compensate for the loss of private dollars. And if our parks begin to slide again – remember to thank the Funk Squad and the unforeseen consequences of working your therapy out in public and at public expense..


Anonymous said...

There are two sections to the Parks and rec. One is financed by the taxes --Blvd. etc. The Board which funk appointed will handle that money. The other section is a fund which is made up of the private funds that are given to the Friends of Parks and rec. This fund gives money to the Park Board to spend. The Board can not get a hold of that money and for good reason. the original set up by the historical fathers knew that separation would maintain two perspectives not one rich good old boy group. So all that the regular folks appointed by the Mayor can spend is the tax money. If you attended the Parks and rec meetings in the past there was a hugh effort to sell some of Penn valley park to rich developers and now that will not happen.

Anonymous said...

There are several million in taxes that go to Parks.