Saturday, July 21, 2007

Paper or China?

Gloria decided that serving VIPs and people of import cannot be served plastic serveware or styrofoam but she can serve them running around the office barefoot? Where 's the distinction? Kind of like Ellie Mae Clampitt does the 29th floor.

Now I agree guests should be served one's "Sunday Best" so Hubbette runs down to Williams of Sonoma to buy appropriate china and serveware. However, this was a missed opportunity to go to the Crossroads artists or to the Kansas City Art Institute to have a design competition for serviceweare for the Mayor's office that was uniquely Kansas City and could have been a marketing piece for Crossroads, local artists or the KC Art Institute.
Note to Gloria: this is not engaging the community; what another missed opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Or, GS could have gone to Pryde's of Westport or any number of home grown businesses where the money one spends stays in Kansas City.

Chuck Wagon said...

Heck from what I hear Funk's daughter Tara sometimes darts around the 29th floor in just a towel. (Mark, the shower works!) So should we consider this a floor show to go with the china?

Maybe she is just trying to put an end bare feet story by nearly flashing her bare ... well whatever.

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